Saturday, March 9, 2013

GENERAL HOSPITAL Classic Photo Of The Day (1980 Cast)

In honor of GENERAL HOSPITAL's upcoming 50th anniversary (GH50), We Love Soaps will be posting a "Classic Photo of the Day" for the rest of the month. Today's photo was taken in December 1980 and features the large cast the show had during its ratings heyday.

Kneeling: Philip Tanzini (Jeremy), Bradley Green (Tommy)

Front Row: (L-R): Shell Kepler (Amy), Louise Hoven (Beverly), Brooke Bundy (Diana), Genie Francis (Laura), Gail Ramsey (Susan), Susan Pratt (Anne), Emily McLaughlin (Jessie), John Beradino (Steve), Rachem Ames (Audrey), Loanne Bishop (Rose), Denise Alexander (Lesley), Bob Hastings (Burt)

Second Row: Todd Davis, Lisa Lindgren (Kathy), Bianca Ferguson (Claudia), Frank Maxwell (Dan), Lieux Dressler (Alice), Robin Mattson (Heather), Tristan Rogers (Robert), Chris Robinson (Rick), Richard Sarradet (Howard)

Third Row: Rick Moses (Jefferson), Anthony Geary (Luke), Anna Lee (Lila), Norma Connolly (Ruby), Shelby Hiatt (Jane), Richard Dean Anderson (Jeff), Doug Sheehan (Joe), Pat Renella (Dr. Nelson)

Back Row: Jacklyn Zeman (Bobbie), Susan Brown (Gail), Stuart Damon (Alan), David Lewis (Edward)


  1. Now That is the Photo I remember, the cast was so large. Classic! Any luck in finding that 1981 glamour shot of Susan, Sharon and Jackie?

  2. FYI..The nurse in the 3rd row is not Jane, it is Shelley Vernon, the nurse from Forest Hulls that Heather told the ID of, when she made several escapes as.

  3. Todd Davis played Bryan Phillips, Claudia's husband (though I don't remember if they were married by then). Where is Lee Baldwin? Gail's there. And wasn't Scotty still in PC?

  4. BTW, I *Love* this! Thank you.

  5. Oh, yeah, no Peter Taylor?

  6. Peter was gone by then. Scotty wasn't around in the fall of '80.I was surprised no Monica or Lee!