Wednesday, March 6, 2013

GENERAL HOSPITAL Classic Photo Of The Day (1977 Cast)

In honor of GENERAL HOSPITAL's upcoming 50th anniversary (GH50), We Love Soaps will be posting a "Classic Photo of the Day" for the rest of the month. Today's photo was taken in November 1977 and features the GH cast at the time. How many actors do you recognize from the current cast?


  1. Lesley was missing, but so loved this era!

  2. This is right about the time I started watch GH ... around 8 years old! Don't remember all the actor's names, so I'll just mention characters: Jeff and Heather, Scotty and Laura, Alan and Monica, Lee and Gail, Steve and Audrey, Peter and Diana Taylor, Jessie Brewer, and the pre-Chris Robinson Rick Webber.

    A couple questions if anyone has answers. Was this pre-Monty? Wasn't Bobbie around in 1977? Maybe Jacklyn Zeman and Denise Alexander had the day off. :-)

  3. This was right after Valerie Starrett (the first Diana Taylor) left in a big dispute with then-producer Tom Donovan- if she had known he'd be fired a few months later, she probably would have stayed. Leslie Charleson joined in August. That's Michael Gregory as Rick. He was quite good in his role, but apparently didn't like the idea of doing an hour-long show. GH went from 45 minutes to 1 hour in January 1978. It was around the time of this photo that Doug Marland joined the show as the new headwriter, and he changed the show for the better. Gloria Monty officially became the producer as of January. I'm quite sure that Jackie Zeman had just joined the cast at the time of this photo, and during her first few weeks on the show was called "Barbara Spencer"! There are a lot of great GH scenes from 1976-77 on YouTube (look under "Vintage GH 1977")

  4. Is that possibly Susan Pratt (Anne Logan) standing next to Genie Francis and behind Richard Dean Anderson? Was she already around at this point?

  5. Okay, I don't know all but I know a lot:

    First Row: Emily McLaughlin (Jesse), Rachel Ames (Audrey) David Comfort (Tommy), Richard Dean Anderson (Jeff Weber), John Beradino (Steve), Brooke Bundy (Diana)

    Second Row: Craig Heubing (Peter), Genie Francis (Laura), Angela Cheyne (Dorry Fleming), don't know the actress though she looks like Georganne LaPierre the first Heather, Joan Tompkins (Elizabeth Maynard, Diana's mother), Mary O'Brien (Heather)

    Third Row: Michael Gregory (Rick Weber), Jerry Ayres (David Hamilton), Steve Carlson (Gary Lansing), Stuart Damon (Alan), Kin Shriner (Scotty)

    Last Row: 1st Actor I don't know, George Carey (Lamont Corbin), Maggie Sullivan (Kathryn Corbin), Peter Hansen (Lee), Susan Brown (Gail), Leslie Charleson (Monica)