Friday, March 15, 2013

GENERAL HOSPITAL Classic Photo Of The Day (Baldwins)

In honor of GENERAL HOSPITAL's upcoming 50th anniversary (GH50), We Love Soaps will be posting a "Classic Photo of the Day" for the rest of the month. Today's photo is of Meg Baldwin, Tom Baldwin and Lee Baldwin, played by Elizabeth MacRae, Paul Savior and Peter Hansen in 1970.

Thanks to Rob Wargo for the photo.


  1. I loved Lee Baldwin. He was such an honorable man. I vaguely remember that Meg was an alcoholic. I have no recollection of Tom Baldwin. I'm guessing this was back in the Steve, Audrey, Jessie love triangle. Was Tom involved in that?

  2. I think Lee was the alcoholic, not Meg. Tom Baldwin was involved with Jessie at one time, and was charged for the murder of John Prentice along with Jessie. Tom also married Audrey and is the father of her son Tommy.