Monday, March 4, 2013

GENERAL HOSPITAL Classic Photo Of The Day (8th Year)

In honor of GENERAL HOSPITAL's upcoming 50th anniversary (GH50), We Love Soaps will be posting a "Classic Photo of the Day" for the rest of the month. Today's photo was taken on March 19, 1970 in honor of the show's 8th anniversary. Can you name everyone in this picture?


  1. John Beradino, Rachel Ames, Emily McLaughlin and ?

  2. Also, Peter Hansen (Lee Baldwin).

    I'm confused though. If the pic was taken March 19, 1970, wouldn't that have been right before the show's 7th anniversary? Not the 8th? Maybe they were celebrating as the show was entering its 8th year. You could look at it that way too.

  3. Yes, that makes sense. They were kicking off their 8th year. I wonder if anyone suspected the show might one day reach 50.

  4. So many familiar faces! Is that "Evil Phil" I see in the back row (ha-ha!)? Also - the other gentleman standing next to Nurse Jessie. I think his character name was Peter? I remember really being crazy about that actor and his character. Such nice memories!

  5. Wow -- this certainly did bring back a lot of memories. Thanks for sharing with everyone! So, here's the rundown:

    Back Row: Rachel Ames (Audrey Hardy), Paul Savior (Tom Baldwin), Craig Huebing (Peter Taylor), Emily McLaughlin (Jessie Brewer), Martin West (Phil Brewer).

    Front Row: John Beradino (Steve Hardy), Shelby Hiatt (Jane Dawson), Ray Giradin (Howie Dawson), Peter Hansen (Lee Baldwin), Sharon DeBord (Sharon McGillis, Elizabeth MacRae (Meg Baldwin).

  6. FRONT ROW (HOLDING SIGN) L-R: JOHN BERADINO (Dr. Steve Hardy), SHELBY HIATT (Nurse Jane Harland Dawson), RAY GIARDIN (Howie Dawson), SHARON DEBORD (Nurse Sharon McGillis Pinkham). BACK ROW L-R: RACHEL AMES (Nurse Audrey March Baldwin Hardy), PAUL SAVIOR (Dr. Tom Baldwin), CRAIG HUEBING (Dr. Peter Taylor), EMILY MCLAUGHLIN (Nurse Jessie Brewer), MARTIN WEST (Dr. Phil Brewer), PETER HANSEN (Lee Baldwin), ELIZABETH MCRAE (Meg Baldwin).

    Okay - LUCILLE must have been WORKING! .. lol!