Monday, March 11, 2013

DROPPING THE SOAP Coming Soon, Jane Lynch To Play Network Chief

Digital Broadcasting Group (DBG), the leading creator, producer and distributor of premium¬ video content across digital media, today announced DROPPING THE SOAP, an original comedy web series executive produced by Emmy Award-winning actor and GLEE star Jane Lynch, FRIENDS alum and WEB THERAPY co-creators Lisa Kudrow and Dan Bucatinsky, award-winning screenwriter Don Roos (Marley & Me, Single White Female) and Damon Bethel and Joseph Gomes of DBG. The episodic 10-part series will be distributed by DBG across the web in 2013.

DROPPING THE SOAP goes behind-the-scenes of a daytime soap opera struggling to survive in the new era of television. When Olivia Vanderstein, the new Head of the Network played by Jane Lynch, wants to shake things up on the long-running soap opera COLLIDING LIVES, she tries every gimmick in the book. The result is a no-holds barred, every-hack-for-himself, fight for survival led by Julian Drake, the soap’s leading star of questionable talent and moral compass, played by Paul Witten.

“As the TV soap opera itself circles the drain, I love how our crew of self-centered and desperate actors charge ever forward to save their show from the chopping block,” said Lynch. “The writing is so sharp and witty as the off-screen shenanigans become almost more absurd than the storylines of COLLIDING LIVES. Simply put, it is pure joy working with this group of hilarious and smart people.”

Co-creators and talent in DROPPING THE SOAP include Paul Witten (DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES), Mandy Fabian (30 ROCK) and Kate Mines (GREY'S ANATOMY).

“I was immediately drawn to the project,” said Bucatinsky. “The series has this wonderfully creative, soap-within-a-soap concept, which, in my mind, lends itself so well to clever, self-referential brand integrations—like a blatant, soap-opera-style product placement written right into the storyline. I’m psyched to be able to usher this project to a wider audience and be a part of such a hilarious cast and creative team.”

“Wow, Dan said it all! I'm excited because I think it's funny,” said Kudrow.

“At DBG, we’ve seen the web mature into a true platform for high-quality, original entertainment programming, and DROPPING THE SOAP is proof positive,” said Chris Young, CEO of DBG. “Here you’ve got a level of creators, producers and comedic talent not often seen in online video—a recipe for success for any advertiser looking for smart ways to reach web audiences.”

DROPPING THE SOAP is the latest star-studded program executive produced by Digital Broadcasting Group. Previous DBG programs include the live-streamed reality TV experiment ControlTV, produced by Seth Green and the Webby Award-winning online drama THE CONFESSION, starring Kiefer Sutherland and John Hurt.

You'll notice GUIDING LIGHT alum Scott Bailey in the preview clip below:

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