Tuesday, March 5, 2013

DALLAS: Who Shot J.R.?

In the final scene of last night's episode of DALLAS, a phone call between J.R. and John Ross ended with gunshots.

“Don’t worry, son,” J.R. comforted his son, and in a masterful piece of editing, we actually saw J.R. in this conversation. Producers have said they had unused footage of Hagman, who died in November, that they crafted together for J.R.’s final scenes, and it worked beautifully. “I’ve got a plan,” J.R. continued. J.R.’s last words: “This is gonna be my masterpiece. You shouldn’t have to pay for my sins. Just remember, I’m proud of you. You’re my son, tip to tail.”

Apparently J.R. Ewing has been shot again, and this time he's dead. But who shot J.R.?

Check out a preview of next week's DALLAS below (which will feature J.R.'s funeral) where Bobby confronts John Ross.