Thursday, March 14, 2013

Arden Vie Celebrates 101st Birthday On The Set Of DAYS OF OUR LIVES

Arden Vie has been an ardent fan of the soap opera DAYS OF OUR LIVES since the 1960s. At age 101, the Pasco man still is watching the show. And because of that devotion, the show's producers recently invited him to the set, according to The News Tribune.

Vie can't remember what attracted him to the soap all those years ago, but once he started, he was hooked.

"I started watching the show when I was principal at Mark Twain Elementary," Vie told the Herald via email. "I'd come home on my lunch break and watch it. The show was only 30 minutes then. Not sure why I started watching it. I guess I turned on the TV and there it was."

Vie took a trip to Los Angeles in January to visit his son Greg, and was surprised when he discovered his son had arranged for him to meet the cast.

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