Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rick Springfield Returning To GENERAL HOSPITAL

Rick Springfield confirmed to People magazine that he will return to GENERAL HOSPITAL as Noah Drake for a short run in April in conjunction with the show's 50th anniversary.

Springfield, who last appeared on the show in March 2012, says the good doctor has a lot of personal baggage to deal with.

"He lost his wife and became a drunk and regretted all these terrible, sinful ways and then cleaned his act up when he almost died from the alcohol," says Springfield. "Now he disappears all the time, going to Doctors Without Borders and going around the world helping people. I guess he's gone from a drunk to being incredibly altruistic. I'm not nearly as altruistic as Noah Drake is."

Springfield's son, Liam Springthorpe, has also landed a GH gig and will appear as an undercover cop.

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