Wednesday, February 27, 2013


AS THE WORLD TURNS and LOVING alum Noelle Beck has been cast in THE CARRIE DIARIES, according to TVLine. She will play Sebastian’s sometimes absentee mother, Ginny, who is described as a woman who flits in and out of her son’s life and isn't afraid to share the intimate details of her romantic life with him.

THE CARRIE DIARIES is a prequel of SEX AND THE CITY, a show Beck also guest starred on in its first season as Mr. Big’s first wife Barbara.

Nadia Dajani is also joining the show as Deb, a feisty woman who begins dating Carrie’s widower dad Tom — but without his daughters’ knowledge.

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  1. I loved Noelle Beck in Sex and the City, so I can’t wait to see her join The Carrie Diaries. I won’t be able to watch her episodes live because I work at DISH when The Carrie Diaries airs, but I’ll record them. My DISH Hopper can record up to six shows at once during primetime, so it will be easy for me to record Beck’s episodes and my roommates will still be able to record all their shows, too. I love that my roommates and I don’t have to argue over what we can record anymore.