Today in Soap Opera History (February 16)

On this date in...

1966: On ANOTHER WORLD, John tried to convince a doubtful Pat that Mike Bauer (Gary Pillar) was the type of person he needed in his firm.

1980: John McCook (Lance, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS; now Eric, THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL) married Laurette Spang.

1998: On DAYS OF OUR LIVES, Kristen (Eileen Davidson) threatened Susan (Eileen Davidson).

2009: On AS THE WORLD TURNS, in a special Valentine’s show, Parker (Mick Hazen) and Liberty read fairytales to Johnny, enacted by all the people Johnny is related to in one way or another.

Celebrating a birthday today are:
Jill Andre (ex-Sara, GUIDING LIGHT; ex-Sandy, AS THE WORLD TURNS; ex-Corrine, ALL MY CHILDREN; ex-Nan, DALLAS; ex-Mrs. Cordell, SANTA BARBARA) - 78
William Katt (ex-Paul, MODELS INC.) - 62
Hunt Block (ex-Lee, ONE LIFE TO LIVE; ex-Craig, AS THE WORLD TURNS; ex-Ben, GUIDING LIGHT; ex-Guy, ALL MY CHILDREN; ex-Peter, KNOTS LANDING) - 60
Lisa Loring (ex-Cricket, AS THE WORLD TURNS) - 55
Richard Steinmetz (ex-Martin, PASSIONS; ex-Jeff, LOVING) - 54
Don Jeffcoat (ex-Joey, ONE LIFE TO LIVE) - 37
Emily Harper (ex-Fancy, PASSIONS) - 35
Agim Kaba (Noah, THE BAY; ex-Aaron, AS THE WORLD TURNS) - 33
Kari Corbett (ex-Caroline, HOLLYOAKS) - 29
Mike Weinberg (ex-Billy, 7TH HEAVEN) - 20

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  1. Richard Steinmetz also used to play Joe Scully Jr. on GH too, Roger!

  2. IMDB lists Richard Steinmetz's bday as Feb 1. Hmm! Long lost twin?