Tuesday, February 12, 2013

David Canary Joining New ALL MY CHILDREN

Soaps in Depth is reporting that ALL MY CHILDREN Emmy-winner David Canary (Adam/Stuart) will be part of the soap's new version set to debut online this spring.

In Depth also hears that AMC will have a heavy emphasis on a group of high school characters and that the series will be set five years from the moment JR readied to start shooting beloved Pine Valley citizens in the ABC finale. The re-launched AMC will supposedly start off with Adam and Dixie's son waking up from a coma (played by an actor other than Jacob Young, who is now starring in THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL).

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  1. Just what I thought and what was needed. A Fast forward in time to focus on the New Generation (Like what Peyton Place did). Get to what made the original AMC so good and have the adults on one side and the Teens on another. Multi-generation, multi-classes, familiar faces, new and exciting faces. AMC was so different in the last few years and it needed this revamp.

    The Great and the Least,
    The Rich and the Poor,
    The Weak and the Strong,
    In Sickness and in Health,
    In Joy and Sorrow,
    In Tragedy and Triumph,

  2. Trying to stay positive about AMC 2.0 but I'm not liking a lot of what I'm hearing. "Jumping ahead" always feels like lazy writing to me and focusing on teenagers? Soaps don't have a great track record when it comes to teen angst. But I'll still tune in to see what happens... at least for a while.

  3. So glad that David Canary will be joining the cast. I will suspend my disbelief and go with the 5 year FF. I love AMC and OLTL and am so rooting for these reboots to succeed!