Sunday, January 13, 2013

Thom Racina To Co-Head Write ONE LIFE TO LIVE

Thom Racina has joined the writing team of ONE LIFE TO LIVE as co-head writer along with head writer Susan Bedsow Horgan.

In his career Racina authored over 150 books and written 4,000 broadcast hours of television.

Racina's TV credits include writing for SEARCH FOR TOMORROW (1980), GENERAL HOSPITAL (1981-1984), DAYS OF OUR LIVES (1984-1986), ANOTHER WORLD (1986-1988), GENERATIONS (1988-1991) and SANTA BARBARA (1991-1992), besides writing for the much-acclaimed nighttime series, FAMILY (1978-1979). As a writer for the soaps, he received five Emmy nominations (for DAYS OF OUR LIVES and GENERAL HOSPITAL), one specifically for "Luke & Laura's Wedding on" GH- the single highest-rated episode in daytime history (30 million people tuned in). He also worked in Hamburg and Toronto writing FAMILY PASSIONS (1993-1994), a Canadian/German production.

Of his years writing for TV, he says on his web site, "It was a treadmill, but so much fun to play God."

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  1. This one I am more excited about. He wrote GH during its heyday and AW. but also the final year of SB, oh time will tell.

  2. Dear God in heaven, NOOOOOOOOO! He is a dreadful, low-brow, campy "writer" who butchers the shows he touches. This is terrible news.

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  4. He wrote Ice princess Luke & Laura on GH
    He wrote Hope/Bo & Shane/Kim On Days
    He was at AW Briefly
    He created, wrote & EP Generations with Sally Sussman Mornia
    Then he wrote the final two years of Santa Barbara
    He's a good writer & great fit

  5. The Ice Princess was low-brow camp, and destroyed the fabric and integrity of the once-great GH. The show remained in the toilet for many years, until Wendy Riche and Claire Labine saved it.

    During his tenure, DAYS spiked with the return of Dee Hall (reaching number two in the ratings), then collapsed almost immediately, dropping to number nine. NBC admitted that it was because the material being presented was not what the audience wanted to see.

    If we are stuck with a hack writer, it won't be the first time, but hopefully PP won't let him stick around too long.

  6. I think Thom is an incredible soap writer and also novelist. A lot of great writers left daytime because of network interference driving story. I would love it if Prospect Park just lets these writers write, and I hope they will.

  7. What set OLTL apart from the others was the humor---with characters like David Vickers, Roxy Balsam, Dorian Lord, and the list goes on. I really hope they remember that when they resume production. Keep us laughing!