Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sandra Silvana Gallardo Dead at 64

Sandra Silvana Gallardo, an actress, acting coach and writer whose face and career were known throughout the world, died Monday, January 2 at Jewish Hospital in Louisville, Missouri. Gallardo, a New York native who had been living in Paris, Kentucky, was 64.

In 1988, Gallardo appeared on DAYS OF OUR LIVES. as Rosa Ramirez, the mother of April, Emilio and Julio and wife of Monty Dolan. In the storyline, Rosa ended up comatose after being hit by a car and Monty decided to pull her life support plug.

She appeared on many television shows including BABYLON 5, HILL STREET BLUE, FALCON CREST, NYPD BLUE, THE GOLDEN GIRLS and DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Her film credits include Calendar Girl Murders, Silence of the Heart, Copacabana, The Windwalker, Death Wish II, Out of the Dark and Solar Crisis. Gallardo taught and coached some of Hollywood's biggest stars, including Angelina Jolie, Keanu Reeves, Billy Drago and Peta Wilson.

She moved to Paris, Kentucky after having directed Fading to Zero, a feature docudrama based on the life and work of the late Brooklyn poet laureate Ken Siegelman. Funeral services will be private. Lusk-McFarland Funeral Home in Paris is handling arrangements.

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