Thursday, January 17, 2013

Robert S. Woods Signs On For New ONE LIFE TO LIVE; Erika Slezak Too?

According to a report by, Robert S. Woods has officially signed on to reprise his role as Bo Buchanan in Prospect Park's new ONE LIFE TO LIVE. Below is an excerpt from Roger Friedman's report which also says Erika Slezak (Viki) is on board as well.
I talked to Robert S. Woods today, the great actor who plays Bo Buchanan. He told me he’s met with the Prospect-ors, and they’ve made a deal for Woods to join the new show.

Yesterday, Robin Strasser announced on Twitter that she was coming back, too. Sources also say that Erika Slezak, the nominal “star” of “OLTL” has made her deal, along with Jerry verDorn (Clint Buchanan). It does seem like Prospect Park is going to make a ‘go’ of this.

Writers and producers appear to have been hired for both shows’ online versions. Woods says he thinks they’ll be back to work by mid February.
Meanwhile, Soap Opera Digest is reporting a few casting calls have gone out.
Digest has learned that a casting call has been placed for the contract roles of Matthew Buchanan and Destiny, for Prospect Park's online reboot of OLTL. The parts were previously played by Eddie Alderson and Shenell Edmonds, respectively, until the show's ABC finale. The call also includes the character of Billy, described as "Caucasian, 30s, ruggedly handsome. Charming yet naïve when it comes to relationships. He falls in love first and thinks second. He is a man of strong values who puts family before all else." From 1992-93, Ryan Phillippe portrayed daytime's first gay teen in the role of Billy Douglas, but it's unclear whether the role is for the same part.

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