Monday, January 14, 2013

Nielsen: Vast Majority Of Shows Viewed Within First Seven Days

The ad value of marathon viewing, or the amount and value of the viewing behavior seven days and beyond (Beyond 7) live programming broadcast (Live), has been widely debated. However Nielsen’s pilot study featured in the latest Nielsen Cross-Platform Report, and for the first time, measures Beyond 7 programming up to 29 days past Live.

The data highlights that, while the vast majority of shows are in fact viewed within the first seven days, a handful of programs–science fiction being the top Beyond 7 genre–get a sizeable audience in days eight through 29. Respectively, among the top 10 shows in broadcast and cable to report Beyond 7 figures, just over 5 percent of viewing happens within this time period, affecting ratings.
According to the latest Nielsen Cross-Platform Report, Americans spent more than 34 hours per week in front of a TV set in the third quarter of 2012. Traditional TV viewing was up 78 minutes from the previous quarter, as consumers continue to enjoy both Live and time-shifted content, DVDs, or use their game consoles. Americans also spent close to five hours a week on a computer screen, using the Internet and watching video content.

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