Wednesday, January 30, 2013

NEWS ROUNDUP: Erin Hershey Presley, Cameron Mathison, Collins Pennie, Dina Manzo, Brendan Dooling

Erin Hershey Presley Back On GENERAL HOSPITAL
PORT CHARLES alumna Erin Hershey Presley reprised the role of Alison on Wednesday's GENERAL HOSPITAL as the mystery surrounding Lucy's (Lynn Herring) vampire warnings deepens. Enthuses Lynn Herring, "It was so wonderful to see her, so much fun catching up. I hadn't seen her socially since before she had her first baby! She's an absolute doll."

Cameron Mathison is open to doing ALL MY CHILDREN again "at some point"
"Their schedule, my schedule and the location logistics are not really jiving, but hopefully we’ll work it out and some point I think that’s reasonable. It was such short notice; it just wasn’t really possible…. Maybe it will work out."

As More Networks Develop Series, Is There Too Much TV?
TV viewers have never had it so good — or maybe they have it too good. There's never been more original programming to navigate than at this very moment. Especially Sunday nights.

Collins Pennie joins REVENGE
Pennie has landed a recurring role on the ABC drama. He’ll play the vengeance seeker’s former foster brother, Eli, and will make his debut in an early spring installment.

Telenovelas Remain Most Watched Programming Amongst Latin Americans
Jose Escalante, the director of Latin Media Corporation, said that in Latin America “the dramas, the soaps, the stories of love, passion and hatred work very well” and practically “all the television stations are including this type of format in their programming.”

Pilot Season 2013: This Fall's (Possible) Newcomers, and Who's In Them
Pilot season is here, meaning the networks are taking stock of their needs for 2013-14 and getting the ball rolling toward filling any gaps.

SURVIVOR's Malcolm Freberg Guests on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL February 13
"I was really nervous showing up at B&B — and not just because my only other acting experience was playing Ben Franklin back in fifth grade," cracks Freberg. "I thought the cast was going to hate me because they're a bunch of pros and this looks like a publicity stunt. But everyone was warm and wonderful. They made it really easy for me."

Dina Manzo joins TAINTED DREAMS
Created by Emmy-winning director and soap opera veteran Sonia Blangiardo, the new dramedy casts Manzo as Allessandra DiGiacomo.

Brendan Dooling's Got The Gay Covered On THE CARRIE DIARIES
"He’s not flamboyant, he’s not very effeminate, he does have that edge to him, but he can also carry himself like a young man and be attractive to young women. But I think everybody is going to know before him."

Study: Majority of consumers watch TV and surf Web simultaneously
A new study from KPMG finds that 60% of American television viewers are devoted multitaskers, watching TV and accessing the Internet at the same time.

"We continue to see that multitasking is getting bigger and bigger," said Paul Wissmann, leader of KPMG's U.S. Media & Telecommunications practice. "It's getting to older generations as well, as there are more and more options in front of them."

What Made THE O.C. Great
A decade after its first season originally aired, THE O.C. seems both prescient and profoundly of its era. In some ways it's a time capsule of American culture in 2003—Paris Hilton appears as a not-exactly-ironic-but-decidedly-self-referential UCLA-attending version of herself who begs Seth: "Don't tell anyone I'm a grad student, okay?"—but in other ways, the show was groundbreaking. It was the first show to capitalize on the growing popular appetite for indie music, an early champion of nerd culture as default, the first teen soap to be explicitly self-aware.

A Brief History Of J.J. Abrams' Path To Power
The writer/director officially became King of All Hollywood as he added Star Wars to a stable that already includes Star Trek. How did the little writer of romantic comedies rise to conquer them all?

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