Monday, January 28, 2013

NEWS ROUNDUP: Kale Browne To Y&R, Brook Kerr Lawsuit, Walt Willey Stand-Up, James Denton Moves To Minnesota

Kale Browne - Photo: Sue Coflin/Max Photos
Kale Browne to play radio DJ on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS
The ANOTHER WORLD and ONE LIFE TO LIVE alum's voice will be heard on February 12 and 13.

Brook Kerr's son files lawsuit against his parents
High School Musical star Chris Warren has now filed a lawsuit against PASSIONS actress Brook Kerr and Christopher Warren Sr., claiming they established a trust for him back in 2001 for all the money he made as a minor -- and have been secretly dipping into the kitty big time.

According to the lawsuit, Chris paid into the account for years, but when he decided to make a withdrawal back in 2011 -- as a 21-year-old -- his parents refused to grant him access.

When pressed, Chris claims his parents admitted they had blown through hundreds of thousands of dollars of his money on their own personal expenses ... but refused to say how much was left in the account.

ALL MY CHILDREN's Walt Willey brings stand-up to Jackson
Willey, a native of Illinois, said he has learned Southern humor during his many visits to Jackson.

“When people say ‘bless her heart,’ they really mean ‘she’s a hot mess,’” he said.

One Night Stand: Creating a Play in a Day film to be shown Jan. 30
This fast-paced film follows some of New York's top comedic actors, writers, composers and directors as they are given 24 hours to write, cast, compose, rehearse and perform four short musicals at New York City’s Gramercy Theatre.

Actors featured in the musicals include Cheyenne Jackson (GLEE), Jesse Tyler Ferguson (MODERN FAMILY), Rachel Dratch, Richard Kind), Roger Bart (DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES), Mandy Gonzalez, Capathia Jenkins, Theresa McCarthy, Nellie McKay, Marnie Schulenburg (AS THE WORLD TURNS), Tamara Tunie (AS THE WORLD TURNS), Alicia Witt (Two Weeks Notice, Urban Legend) and many other famous faces from the worlds of film, television and theater.

Alicia Minshew in talks to join ALL MY CHILDREN
“I am currently in discussions with Prospect Park to work out scheduling around other projects I have already committed to,” Minshew tells TVLine. “We’re keeping the lines of communication open, and hopefully it can work out for me to join later on.”

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star James Denton has a new neighborhood -- Chanhassen, Minnesota
He and his wife, Erin O'Brien, and their two young children moved to Chanhassen last summer. O'Brien -- a fitness expert and Minnesota native -- wanted to be closer to her sister who is battling cancer.

"Our kids get to grow up with their cousins and grandparents," Denton said about the benefits of moving to Minnesota. "And we got them out of L.A., so it's all good."

MODERN FAMILY Creator: 'We Often Turn to Twitter'
"The key is to try and look for patterns, a strong sense of feedback, rather than taking to heart what a few people might say."

CW orders post-apocalyptic 'Lord of the Flies' pilot, THE HUNDRED
“97 years after a nuclear war has destroyed civilization, a massive spaceship housing the lone human survivors sends 100 juvenile delinquents with dark secrets back to Earth to investigate the possibility of re-colonizing the planet.”

The Shit My Dad Says Guy Gets Another Sitcom, But Where Are All the Women Writers?

Laura Beck writes: " Laura Beck

Justin Halpern is a lucky guy. His "Shit My Dad Says" Twitter scored him a sitcom deal about three months after he began the account. Unfortunately, after airing 18 episodes*, CBS pulled the plug and the show died a quick death. But don't cry for Halpern; he's already written a book called I Suck at Girls (ugh) that was optioned three months before it was even released.

"I don't doubt that Halpern might be a swell guy, but his shows are indicative of the type of ideas that are often given initial opportunities (and second chances) in the TV industry. A white guy telling his story is agonizingly familiar territory, and yet it's awarded a rich pilot production commitment from a major studio. When I hear news like this, I can't help but think about all the challenging, unique, and better ideas that are passed over for the same old shit — and I bet a lot of them come from women."

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