Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Genie Francis Returning To GENERAL HOSPITAL

Emmy-winning actress Genie Francis, who spent a little over a year on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, will return to the ABC soap that made her a household name, EW is reporting.

Francis just closed a deal to reprise her role as Laura Spencer for the drama’s 50th anniversary this year. She will report to the show's set sometime later this month for a February 11 debut.

It’s unclear how long Francis will stick around Port Charles this time.  She last appeared on GH in 2008.

Francis has been busy outside of the daytime work, starring in high-rated Hallmark films and working on a web series.  She was nominated for an Indie Soap Award in 2012 for her guest-starring role in PRETTY, the same series which featured her GH mom, Denise Alexander.

Check out some classic photos below of Francis from her GENERAL HOSPITAL past.

Laura was paired with Scotty Baldwin (Kin Shriner) in Francis' early days on GH.

Producer Gloria Monty is credited with saving GENERAL HOSPITAL from cancellation in the late 1970s, and pairing Laura with Luke (Anthony Geary) helped the ratings climb.

Luke and Laura are the most recognizable daytime soap opera couple in history.

Luke and Laura's wedding was watched by nearly 30 million viewers.

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  1. I'm happy but torn. If she's not back for good what kind of story will GH write?

  2. I hope she is back long-term, but any Laura is better than no Laura at all!

  3. They'd better have L&L remarry ASAP! GH needs romance, and who better than Luke & Laura?

  4. I'd love to see Luke and Laura rekindle their romance.