Friday, January 11, 2013

Frank Valentini Previews GENERAL HOSPITAL's 50th Anniversary & The Nurses' Ball

Frank Valentini and Lynn Herring - Photo: ABC
GENERAL HOSPITAL executive producer Frank Valentini spoke with TV Guide Magazine this week about the show's upcoming 50th Anniversary which will see the return of the Nurses' Ball. [SPOILER ALERT]
TV Guide Magazine: What will be happening in Port Charles during the actual anniversary week?
Valentini: We're reviving the Nurses' Ball, which is something the show did years ago to raise awareness for HIV/AIDS. I think the feel-good philanthropic aspect of the show was missing. This gives all the people in the hospital — Patrick, Sabrina, Liz, Epiphany and Felix — a real presence as we celebrate the hospital and the people who are the do-gooders. For a long time the moral compass of the show was off a little bit, and I think now we're back to where it needs to be. And the people like Luke and Sonny, who may do the wrong thing, are still good guys in their hearts. Maurice Benard (Sonny) has just signed another long-term deal with the show and there are some exciting things coming up for him and Kate in the next few weeks.

TV Guide Magazine: What can we expect to see at the Ball?
Valentini: There will be some big story reveals over a few days. We're now doing the sketches for the set and costume designs, which are going to be really exciting. We'll have the characters sing and dance. We'll of course have (inaugural Dancing With the Stars champ) Kelly (Monaco, who plays Sam) dance. We might even bring (her DWTS partner) Val Chermkovskiy back.

TV Guide Magazine: Safe to say Lucy's clothes will come off as in year's past?
Valentini: Yeah, they'll come off. Lucy has a big story that will finish off right at the beginning of the Nurses' Ball.
Valentini also said he hoped Rachel Ames (Audrey) would return for the 50th anniversary, and there's a chance we'll see Jacklyn Zeman (Bobbie).

On the possibility of keeping the characters brought over from ONE LIFE TO LIVE (Todd, John, Starr) now that Prospect Park is bringing back the show, Valentini said, "Right now we're trying to work it out. I can't really say because the lawyers are doing their thing. Our hope is that we'll be able to continue what we're be doing."

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