Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dutch Channel RTL5 Launches New Soap Opera

Dutch channel RTL5 is launching a new soap opera in The Netherlands. The show's title is MALAIKA (Swahili for "angel") and will revolve around young people working in health care. RTL5 has ordered 50 episodes and will start airing them on March 25. This means that GOEDE TIJDEN SLECHTE TIJDEN (airing on RTL4) is no longer the only soap opera in The Netherlands.

The three main characters are played by Jasmine Sendar, Curt Fontin and Juvat Westendorp.

"They will share the joys and sorrows with each other. MALAIKA includes everything that a soap opera should have: drama, humor, emotions, romances and intrigues", says Paul Cormont, head of RTL5. "We still believe in this genre. GOEDE TIJDEN SLECHTE TIJDEN had around two million viewers last week."

MALAIKA is partially financed by health care organizations. They want a more positive image of health care at home. Cormont on the story lines: "There are also young people who are recovering from surgery or are in rehabilitation after an accident. We also include people receiving health care at home."

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