Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Scott Evans Busted in Undercover Drug Buy

ONE LIFE TO LIVE alum Scott Evans was busted for attempting to buy drugs off an undercover cop, TMZ is reporting.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Evans was arrested Tuesday evening when he tried to score narcotics from a LAPD officer posing as a dealer.

Evans, who played Officer Oliver Fish on OLTL, was booked at 6:15 p.m. for attempt to possess a controlled substance, a felony. He bailed out around 12:30 a.m.

It's unclear what drug Evans was trying to buy.

Evans reacted to the bust with a Facebook post early this morning: "Most ridiculous night of my life in LA so far. At least I made it a year before getting arrested."

Evans is currently filming the Selena Gomez movie Behaving Badly.

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  4. WOW kinda funny that people can easily JUDGE someone they never know or even met. Scott is not Oliver Fish. That was a CHARACTER. Yes he made a mistake. Im sure you have made a few Melissa. How does it feel when people judge you when they never met you.

  5. Wishing Scott all the best and that he is able to resolve this & learn from this experience.

  6. Yes, Confessions, as James Joyce said "Mistakes are the portal of discovery."

    In other police blotter news this week, Gerald McCullouch of Indie Soap Hustling, released an article about his arrest in Las Vegas last year. Interesting read.