Sunday, April 4, 2010

INTERVIEW: Scott Evans at Gays of Our Lives Event

We Love Soaps had the privilege of catching up with Scott Evans last week at the International Gays of Our Lives Event.  Money raised at the event, which included social outings and discussion panels, is going to two great charities: The Trevor Project and Aidshilfe Köln. Please enjoy these highlights from this conversation with Scott Evans, who will last air on ONE LIFE TO LIVE on April 12.

We Love Soaps:  So I have to ask you, Scott, how are you? Remember, I’m a therapist.  I’ve been worried about you.
Scott Evans: I don’t think I need therapy yet.  But it’s been sad.  Even being here this weekend has been sad.  People are coming up and saying how sad they are.  I’m upset as well.  It sucks.  But we will make it through.

We Love Soaps:  What are you doing to make it through? How are you taking care of yourself?
Scott Evans: Back to the grind.  Back to auditioning, and trying not to focus on it.  It’s a bummer the way it all went down.  Having to find out right before the GLAAD awards [made] the red carpet become about, “it’s canceled,” as opposed to, “what a wonderful storyline.”  It’s a bummer, but it happened.  It happens.  People are mad...

We Love Soaps:  People are outraged!
Scott Evans: But it happens. 

We Love Soaps:  But what’s outrageous is the way it happened, and the way you apparently learned you were no longer going to be on the show through the internet.
Scott Evans: Right.  It sucks that that is the way I found out.  But at the same time I wasn’t on contract.  They didn’t need to call me to tell me you’re fired or you’re getting written off because me being fired is just them not calling me for more dates.  I was upset that after such a huge storyline and what I dedicated to the show and gave to the show that I did not hear about it before it broke on the internet.  I was a little upset about that.  But what can you do?

We Love Soaps:  When we last talked you said you stopped reading the internet message boards because of the toxic shit that is out there.  That has since gone into hyper drive.  Have you been reading the message boards? Have you been reading the shit about you out there?
Scott Evans: I think especially now I’ve been staying away from it.  I’ve been seeing the important stuff. I've gotten a lot of e-mails and I've gotten a lot of letters and that stuff I’m focusing on.  I can’t look at a board and see the one post that says, “Thank God they’re gone!” It’s like, okay, you are one person.  I like looking at the boards and seeing the titles that are, “Oh my God, Kish rally,” or “Support Kish.” It’s great.  It’s something that I never ever thought was going to happen, and it’s awesome to see the support. 

We Love Soaps:  What do you do when you get negative energy directed your way?
Scott Evans: Anybody, any person who gets negative energy toward them or negative comments, it drives them to do better.  And do better things, and do more things.  You don’t have to fight back, you don’t have to fight the negative energy, you don’t have to yell about it, but just continue to do what you do. 

We Love Soaps:  And so what are you doing?  Have you moved to L.A.?
Scott Evans: No, I’m an East Coast boy, my family is from Massachusetts.  I lived in L.A. for a short period of time and being 3000 miles away from my mother and my sisters and my father was torture.  I love this city more than anything in the world.  I don’t really have a plan for the future.  I might go to L.A. for a month or two this summer but we’ll see.  It’s been an exciting audition season so far. 

We Love Soaps:  So you are auditioning in L.A.?
Scott Evans: Yes, I’ve gone a few times to test for a few things. 

We Love Soaps:  I admire what you are saying.  I’m a Taurus, I’m stubborn. When people say shit about me it only inspires me to try harder. 
Scott Evans: You and me both.  Virgo and Taurus. 

We Love Soaps:  We are absolutely in support of you at We Love Soaps and I think this only the beginning of a very long career.
Scott Evans: I hope so. I hope the fans stick around.

We Love Soaps:  And what can’t be changed is how much you have helped and inspired so many young people, and even older people, to be authentic in their lives.  No one can take that away from us.
Scott Evans: I love it.  I can’t even begin to thank the fans for being so supportive. 

Damon L. Jacobs is a Marriage Family Therapist practicing in New York City, and the author of "Absolutely Should-less: The Secret to Living the Stress-Free Life You Deserve". He is re-imagining a world without "shoulds" at

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  1. Have to agree there is a lot of toxic stuff out on the internet. But the Kish guys have handled it with class.

    Pity the storyline was cut short, it was enjoyable from what I saw.

    Not sure they were to blame for the poor ratings though, I would have gone with the Stacey-snoozefest as the ratings killer, but I am only an irregular viewer