Friday, November 9, 2012

CLASSIC PHOTO: DAYS OF OUR LIVES 15th Anniversary (1980)

DAYS OF OUR LIVES -- '15th Anniversary Party' -- Pictured: (l-r front row) Meg Wyllie, Jean Bruce
Scott, Frances Reid, Macdonald Carey, Suzanne Rogers, Patty Weaver (l-r middle row) Richard Hill, Lanna
Saunders, Quinn Redeker, Brenda Benet, Gloria Loring, Bill Hayes, Joseph Gallison, Susan Seaforth
Hayes, Jed Allan, William Joyce, Deidre Hall, Dianne Harper (l-r back row) Paul Keenan, Charles
Bateman, Harold Sylvester, Don Frabotta -- Photo by: Ron Tom/NBC/NBCU


  1. Rest In Peace, Dear Beautiful Paul Keenan--Sigh!

    Brian :-)

  2. Rest In Peace, Dear Beautiful Paul Keenan--Sigh!

    You, Too, Beautiful Richard Guthrie!

    Brian :-)

  3. Paul Keenan was so handsome with so much genuine soul in his eyes! RIP brother - I know you are in a better place!