Friday, December 21, 2012


How many actors can you name in the ALL MY CHILDREN 1975 cast photo above?


  1. This is fun. Does spelling count? Without cheating or resorting to making it an open-book test, here's my submission:

    Front row, left to right: Margot, Phil (Nick Benedict), Ruth (Mary Fickett), Gran, Mona (Fran Heflin).
    Secondish row: Erica (Susan Lucci), Tara (Stephanie Braxton), Phoebe (Ruth Warrick), Anne, Claudette, Kitty (Francesca James).
    Thirdish row: Chuck, Mary (Susan Blanchard), Jeff (Charles Frank), Frank, Joe, Charles (Franklin Something), Linc (Peter Something), Paul (Something Mooney), Nick.

    The character names are easier for me to remember than the actor's names are.

    Some things that strike me. . .

    * I would say that eight of the people here -- almost half the cast -- is 40+, and I don't think anyone here – actor or character – is under 20.

    * Erica and Tara have very similar hair styles and colors. My memory is that Braxton was the only actress who played Tara that had really dark hair. The others skewed towards blonde or had a lighter shade of brunette.

    * Did Paul Martin have any children that lived?

    * Twenty cast members shown, and each one of them seems to have had memorable stories, rich histories, and multiple ties to others here. Very efficient.

  2. Where is Eileen Letchworth (Ex-Margo) nowadays?!

    Brian :-)

  3. I'm not sure about Eileen. She did a Law & Order about 10 years ago.

    Row 1: Eileen Letchworth (Margo), Nick Benedict (Phil), Mary Fickett (Ruth), Kay Campbell (Gran), Frances Heflin (Mona)

    Row 2: Susan Blanchard (Mary), Susan Lucci (Erica), Ruth Warrick (Phoebe), Judith Barcroft (Anne), Paulette Breen (Claudette), Francesca James (Kitty)

    Row 3: Chris Hubbell (Chuck), Charles Frank (Jeff), John Danelle (Frank), Ray MacDonnell (Joe), Hugh Franklin (Charles), Peter White (Linc), William Mooney (Paul), Larry Keith (Nick)

  4. Thank you for posting this picture. What I wouldn't give to own every episode since day one.
    I started watching sometime in 1977 or 1978 at the age of 12. As soon as my family got a VCR I taped it everyday, and did so through the last episode. No other soap interests me.
    Here's hoping it will come back in some fashion in the near future!

  5. obviously Nic Benedict is sitting, because he was so tall.

  6. I recognized all the faces, but some names escaped me. Thanks to those above who listed everyone!! I was watching back in those days while being a stay-at-home mom.