Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WATCH: HUSTLING Season 2 Premiere

Indie Soap Award-winning HUSTLING is back with the premiere of Season 2 on Wednesday. HUSTLING tells the story of a sex-worker who realizes he wants more from life when he turns forty and embarks on a journey of self-discovery and reinvention. Along the way he uncovers a passion for the culinary arts. His path to transformation is filled with peculiar situations, sex romps and reminders of the life
he’s trying to leave behind.

As the sophomore season begins, the phone call that Ryan (Sebastian La Cause) received from his estranged mother in the season finale lingers in his thoughts like a bad after taste, which causes him some issues on the

Watch the Season 2 premiere below:

(NSFW - Not Safe For Work)

Against his better judgment Ryan agrees to see his mother, setting off a series of events that might ultimately get him closer to his dream of leaving the world of porn and hustling behind. Ryan continues to be captivated by Liv which continues to cause problems for them both. Liv's been hiding something from Ryan and it all comes to a head when Ryan’s “mentor”, Geoffrey, a private chef who teaches Ryan culinary skills in exchange for sex at "double his rate" takes him on a gig in Bridgehampton where Geoffrey is confronted with his own past and Ryan gets a wake-up call.

SEBASTIAN LA CAUSE as Ryan Crosby, the hustler. Sebastian’s work includes the films Keep The Lights On, Premium Rush, Ghost Town, Bear City, on television in HOMELAND, SVU, GOSSIP GIRL, DAYS OF OUR LIVES, in theater, the Broadway revival of "The Rocky Horror Show" and the 1st National Tour of "A Chorus Line."  Indie Soap Award winner in 2012.
DAPHNE RUBIN-VEGA as Rosa Juarez, Ryan’s restless landlady. This two time Tony-Award nominee has been seen on Broadway in "Rent," "Anna in the Tropics," "A Streetcar Named Desire" and "The Rocky Horror Show". Films include Jack Goes Boating, Flawless and Wild Things. Daphne also has a recurring role in the second season of NBC’s SMASH.
GERALD MCCULLOUCH as Chef Geoffrey, Ryan’s mentor-of-sorts.  Gerald’s work includes the television shows CSI, HOUSE, BONES and FAILING UPWARDS. He also stars in the films Bear City and Bear City 2 (where he also serves as Executive Producer).
STEPHEN GUARINO as Don Dixon, Ryan’s porn agent. Stephen’s credits include ABC’s HAPPY ENDINGS, Logo’s BIG GAY SKETCH COMEDY SHOW, Confessions of a Shopaholic, Bear City and Bear City 2.
JESSICA PRESS as Liv, a make-up artist and Ryan’s object of desire. Jess just recently shot a supporting role in My Man Is A Loser with John Stamos.
WILSON CRUZ as Gabe, a client with a smelly fetish. Wilson is known for the films, He’s Just Not Into You and Party Monster and on television he’s guested on GREY'S ANATOMY, NOAH'S ARC, THE WEST WING and starred as Ricky in, MY SO-CALLED LIFE. He is currently the Chief Giving Officer at
KEVIN SPIRTAS as Joel, a man who likes toys. Kevin is known from DAYS OF OUR LIVES and ONE LIFE TO LIVE. He was also Hugh Jackman’s stand-by in the Broadway smash hit, "A Boy From Oz."
SHARON WASHINGTON as Lena, Ryan’s estranged mother who’s not telling it exactly how it is. Sharon’s work includes the films Michael Clayton, The Bourne Legacy, and on television in LAW & ORDER: SVU, DAMAGES and ROYAL PAINS. Sharon most recently completed "Wild With Happy" at The Public.
MARA DAVI as Charlie, Liv’s best friend that’s got her back, or does she? Mara was recently on BLUE BLOODS and was in the film New Year’s Eve. Mara also originated the role of Maggie in Broadway revival of "A Chorus Line."
GARY COWLING as Mitchell, the career counselor with a soft heart and a photographic memory. Gary has appeared in all three LAW & ORDER series as well as in the films The Accidental Husband and
Shooting Johnson Roebling.
ANDREW GLASZEK as Jay, Ryan’s friend who admires him so much that he wants to be him. Andrew just completed work on the film Leather the pilot, Phase_Shift, and is known for his work in Broadway Bares.

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