GENERAL HOSPITAL Thanksgiving Marathon On SOAPnet: Five Quartermaine Episodes (Quartermania)

Spend Thanksgiving night with SOAPnet and the funniest family in Port Charles. A five-hour GENERAL HOSPITAL marathon celebrates the Quartermaines and all of their wacky, wild and beloved Thanksgiving traditions. The marathon starts at 7 p.m. ET/PT on Thursday, November 22.

Thanksgiving Day "Quartermania" episodes include:

7 p.m. - Episode #1995-8358 (original air date November 23, 1995) - Lucy is horrified to find her duck, Sigmund, missing on Thanksgiving. Lucy's worry that he's become someone's dinner results in the Quartermaines eating pizza.

8 p.m. - Episode #1997-8877B (original air date November 27, 1997) - On Thanksgiving, Jason saves the Quartermaines from being robbed by the pizza deliverymen.

9 p.m. - Episode #2001-9899B (original air date November 22, 2001) - Drama over Skye and Rea at the Quatermaines’ Thanksgiving table turns into a food fight.

10 p.m. - Episode #2009–11942 (original air date November 25, 2009) - The Quartermaines’ Thanksgiving becomes even wackier when Luke and the Spencers join them for the holiday.

11 p.m. - Episode #2011-12440 (original air date November 23, 2011) - There’s tension in the air when Sam and Jason spend Thanksgiving with the Quartermaines.

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