Monday, October 15, 2012

THE BAY Season 3 Update: Delayed For Now, Bigger Budget, Cast Returning

Following the conclusion of THE BAY's summer special, "Darkside of The Bay," fans of the show have been asking when Season 3 will begin. The producers of the new season announced on Monday what is on the horizon.

As LANY Entertainment, in association with LocoDistro and Associated Television International (ATI), makes plans for a bigger and better Season 3 online and/or on television, it is the action taking place behind the camera that will determine when viewers are once again treated to the high-stakes drama Bay City is known for.

"It's no secret that I've always had a passion for quality scripted daytime drama," said Gregori J. Martin, Executive Producer and creator of the Emmy-nominated serial. "The importance of scripted daytime drama can’t be overly emphasized. This is the genre that ushered in the new era of television in the 1950s, and is the same genre that is now ushering in a new era on a new platform - the internet. I am excited to say that as THE BAY advances to a new level in Season 3, we plan to bring scripted daytime drama back to the forefront."

“Season 3 of THE BAY promises to be the best one yet,” Martin continued. “We’re currently in the position where we must wait to take our next step. Though we can’t give a premiere date yet, we’re thrilled to announce that all of your favorite daytime veterans will be returning. We’ll have a bigger budget to work with, our production values will be higher, with better location shoots, and more. Not only will our fans have all their favorites return, but the show as a whole will look and feel even better.”

Concerning the behind the camera action, LocoDistro’s Chief Creative Officer and an Executive Producer of THE BAY Gabriel Gornell added, "It's an essential time for daytime dramas—and it's important that new dramas born on the web, like THE BAY, continue to push both creative and production values year after year. Basically, if daytime dramas are to thrive across new media platforms, it’s essential they provide an equal or better viewing experience to what fans have grown accustomed to in broadcast."

Jim Romanovich, ATI's president of worldwide media and entertainment, concurred, “Given the past success and scope of THE BAY, I agree we must take our time so that the quality of the production itself is everything we expect it to be and more. Season 3 of THE BAY will be bigger and better, but in order for us to bring that quality of work to the table, production should only begin when all of these elements are in place.”

"I'm both thrilled and grateful for Gabriel and Jim's dedication and enthusiasm for the success of our show," Martin said. "It’s a very exciting time for THE BAY!"

Originally anticipated to premiere in early November, the THE BAY Season 3 debut will be delayed until further notice. Until then, fans can enjoy past episodes and other perks at


  1. So exciting! I saw on Twitter where talks are on with the CW!!! Can't wait!!!!

  2. Great news!!! Rumor has it that talks are going on with other TV outlets as well! Things are looking great for The Bay. Well deserved!

  3. Excellent news! Very exciting to read Gregori J. Martin, Gabriel Gornell and Jim Romanovich's input of The Bay's bright future!

  4. I'm sad that the Bay is delayed, but thrilled to hear all the exciting news for the upcoming season. I sure hope the rumors about the CW are true. The Bay deserves a home on TV -as long as we don't lose our beloved veteran characters along the way.

    I'm so glad The Bay has gotten the support of people like Jim Romanivich and Gabriel Gornell. The Bay has a very bright future.

  5. Wow, this is great news. Yes, sad about the delay but know that great things come to those who wait. I am excited to see what comes of this and have a strong feeling it'll be awesome. Gregori and team have done an amazing job!