Monday, October 29, 2012

HURRICANE SANDY: Famous Characters Named 'Sandy' in Soap History

Hurricane Sandy is proving to be one of the biggest storms on record. With everyone talking about Sandy, we started thinking back to some memorable soap opera characters with that name. Below are a few that come to mind. Share your thoughts and add other characters named Sandy in our Comments section.

Sandy Wilson McGuire (AS THE WORLD TURNS): Sandy was introduced when Ellen met her in prison. Sandy's husband, Roy, had robbed a store and had her unknowingly drive the getaway car. Once released she met and fell in love with Bob Hughes becoming his second wife. Dagne Crane and Barbara Rucker played the role most famously.

Sandy Cory (ANOTHER WORLD): Sandy was Mac's son by Miriam Sanderson. He married and divorced Cecile DePoulignac then fell in love and married Blaine Ewing in a double wedding with Mac and Rachel. Christopher Rich played the role.

Sandy Horton (DAYS OF OUR LIVES): Sandy returned to Salem in 1982 working as a doctor at University Hospital. She became engaged to Evan Whyland and was later accused of killing him. Martha Smith and Pamela Roylance played the role when Sandy came back to Salem in the early 1980s.

Sandy Foster (GUIDING LIGHT): Sandy hosted the "Sandy and the Mole" show for Springfield U's radio station. He was eventually believed to be Reva's son, Jonathan Randall, but it was later revealed he was not the real Jon. Scott Bailey played the role. He currently stars on the indie soap THE BAY.

Sandy Porter (LOVE OF LIFE): Sandy was saved by Bruce Sterling from a named Glenn Hamilton (Bert Convy). Sandy was played by Bonnie Bedelia for six years in the 1960s.

Sandy Sommers (THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL): Sandy was a potential surrogate for Nick and Bridget. It turned out her real name was Agnes "Aggie" Jones. Sarah Brown played Sandy/Aggie.
For anyone impacted by Sandy, please stay safe! Needless to say here in New York City there will be no soaps on TV today.


  1. If Henderson USA could survive 2 floods in a year's time (the first one introduced Evie Stone, the second one claimed her father), we New Yorkers can withstand Sandy!!

  2. Hopefully everyone takes the necessary precautions. I'm about to venture outside to see what is open.