Wednesday, October 17, 2012

E.J. Bonilla Joins REVENGE

GUIDING LIGHT alum E.J. Bonilla has joined the cast of REVENGE, according to TVLine. Bonilla will play a man from Nolan's past named Marco Romero.
The exact nature of the pair’s connection is unclear, but given the tech genius’ malleable sexuality it’s possible the mystery man is an ex-boyfriend. If so, that would add an interesting wrinkle to his current flirtation with his NolCorp colleague Padma (Dilshad Vadsaria).
Soap fans know Bonilla best from his role as Rafe Rivera, the son of Natalia and Gus, in GUIDING LIGHT. He spoke to We Love Soaps about his career aspirations when we visited the show's Peapack set in July 2009.
I’m a baby. I’m a complete baby. I haven’t experienced as much as I’d like to so far. But I've been blessed enough and I've done a film and I've done a few where I've gotten to gain some experience. I want to be on film. It’s the best place to capture the most real things. I want to play with amazing writers and directors and create things that make people escape from their normal realities. I want to give people a break from the regular world and sit there and breathe for a moment, whatever that means.
Bonilla debuts on the November 25 episode of REVENGE.

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