Monday, September 3, 2012

REVIEW: Susan Lucci's DEADLY AFFAIRS; Sneak Peek Today!

Emmy Award-winning actress and queen of daytime soap Susan Lucci hosts DEADLY AFFAIRS, premiering Saturday, September 8 at 10 p.m. E/T on Investigation Discovery. Ahead of the premiere, fans that miss seeing the much-adored Lucci in her former ALL MY CHILDREN, timeslot can catch her in an 8-minute first look at DEADLY AFFAIRS, during ID’s daytime block, DAYS OF OUR KNIVES, on Monday, September 3 at 1 p.m. ET/PT.  This week's episodes are hosted by Drake Hogestyn and Kristian Alfonso.

We Love Soaps screened the first episode "In Too Deep" which premieres Saturday, September 8 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

Here's a description:

From the outside, Michael and Jan Roseboro seem to have it all, but of course things aren’t always as they seem. When Michael meets Angie, a summertime fling quickly turns into a passionate romance. The affair becomes too hot to handle and, in the end, deadly. Location: Lancaster, PA

Melinda and David Harmon meet at church camp and are models of marital devotion. They hurry to start their lives together. Popular and fully immersed in church life, Melinda catches the eye of Mark Mangelsdorf, an impressive young senior at the local college. It isn’t long before tongues begin to wag and sparks begin to fly. Soon, the fires of passion are ignited, but who will get burned? Location: Olathe, KS

On paper, DEADLY AFFAIRS sounds like a variation of NBC's DATELINE or 48 HOURS MYSTERY on CBS. In reality the show is a sexually-charged soaped-up version with Lucci hosting, not as herself, but as a character, perhaps Erica Kane, or a SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE parody version of Erica sitting by the pool surrounded by hunky men. In narrating the opening story, Lucci mentions her second, or is that third, husband. The beloved actress has been married once, to Helmet Huber, since 1969 so hosting "in character" is the first big difference from the shows mentioned above. Lucci is not trying to imitate Keith Morrison, that's for sure.

Second are the dramatizations. DEADLY AFFAIRS hires actors to play the husband and wife, and the lover having an affair with one of them before someone is murdered. The others shown are the actual people that were involved with the cases from friends and family to co-workers and the police. They also include police videos and photos which show the real faces of those portrayed by actors.

In the premiere, the second case is more interesting than the first, but once you get used to the tone of the show, Lucci playing "Erica" or someone like her (if you never watched ALL MY CHILDREN or know little about Lucci, this won't be problem), and the sometimes forced and sometimes funny one-liners ("For Michael Roseboro, the grass was always greener in someone else's lawn, so to speak"), you actually have an entertaining hour with fascinating cases.

If you're a fan of DATELINE, love daytime soaps or Susan Lucci, and love a good sexed-up mystery (and a little skin), this could be the show for you.

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