Saturday, September 22, 2012

SNEAK PEEK: 'Pitch Perfect' Features GUIDING LIGHT Alum Brittany Snow as 'Quirky Oddball'

In the GLEE meets Bring it On feature film Pitch Perfect, now in select theaters, GUIDING LIGHT alum Brittany Snow plays Chloe, a cheerleader type who also happens to be overshare-prone.  In the following clip, Snow answers questions about the film and her character (accompanied by Anna Kendrick).

Snow describes her character:

I think that what I really liked about Chloe, in actually creating Chloe, was that I wanted her to be that quirky girl that you know; that one girl that doesn't really have boundaries, doesn't really get social cues and doesn't really abide by them, either.

And, she's very positive, and I think her positivity comes off as just being really weird. You know those girls, who are just "Ahh! So excited!" about everything.

I think that adds to the oddball nature of her.
In the following, funny sneak peek from Pitch Perfect, Brittany Snow's Chloe shares some bad news.

Pitch Perfect is currently in select theaters, with a general release beginning October 5. We Love Soaps is grateful to Universal and EPK.TV for granting us permission to share this content, for promotional purposes only, in accordance with their Terms of Use.

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