Monday, September 10, 2012

Today in Soap Opera History (September 10)

On this date in...

1965: The AS THE WORLD TURNS primetime spin-off, OUR PRIVATE WORLD, aired its final episode.  Eileen Fulton moved the character of Lisa Hughes from Oakdale to Chicago for the show, which lasted four months.  Trivia: Can you name all the OUR PRIVATE WORLD actors in this photo?

1968: On ANOTHER WORLD, Alice told Missy she thought Rachel wasn't really upset about losing her baby.

1984: RITUALS, a syndicated soap opera from Lorimar, premiered.  Watch a promo for the show below that aired early on in its one year run.

1984: On ONE LIFE TO LIVE, Maxie weighed her options with Marco.

1985: Carl Anderson made his first appearance in DAYS OF OUR LIVES.  He sang the duet "Friends and Lovers" with Gloria Loring.

1993: Actor Mark Tapscott died at age 68. He played Bob Anderson in DAYS OF OUR LIVES and Earl Bancroft in THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS.

1999: On ALL MY CHILDREN, Mateo made it clear to Hayley he loved her.

2007: Actress Jane Wyman died at age 90. Soap fans remember her fondly for her role as Angela Channing in FALCON CREST.

2011: Another FALCON CREST alum, Cliff Robertson, passed away.  Robertson, who played Dr. Michael Ranson in the primetime soap, was 88.

Celebrating a birthday today are:
Marco L√≥pez (ex-Warden, SANTA BARBARA) - 77
Greg Mullavey (ex-Eddie, RITUALS; Father McEvoy, THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL) - 73
Miranda Wilson (ex-Megan, DAYS OF OUR LIVES; ex-Sandra, SANTA BARBARA; ex-Kate, CAPITOL) - 52
Johnathon Schaech (ex-Frank, MODELS INC.) - 43
Ryan Phillippe (ex-Billy, ONE LIFE TO LIVE) - 38
Bruce Micheal Hall (ex-Joey, ONE LIFE TO LIVE; ex-Reese, PASSIONS) - 34
Seth Hall (ex-Reese, PASSIONS) - 34
Greg Turner (EMPIRE Writer/Producer)
Chandler Massey (Will, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) - 22

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  1. Is it me or does the Private world set looks like Llanfair (before OLTL)!

    Also Rituals looks like a version of Loving meets Love of Life.

  2. I loved RITUALS. It got taken off the air six months into the run in Nashville where I lived at the time. I wish it had been given another year.

  3. On OPW, Nicholas Coster played John Eldridge, Lisa's 2nd hubby (later he would play Eduardo Grimaldi on ATWT in early 1990s), the great actress/cabaret singer/director Geraldine Fitzgerald (Wuthering Heights, Dark Victory, Watch On The Rhine, Arthur (she played Dudley Moore's eccentric grandmother!)) played Helen Eldridge, mother of John, & I think Julienne Marie (James Earl Jones's 1st wife) played an Eldridge daughter or daughter-in-law.

    Brian :-)