Friday, August 17, 2012

EXCLUSIVE: Nicole Forester Previews BOSS Season Two; Premieres Tonight On Starz

Nicole Forester was nominated for an Emmy Award in 2008 for her work in GUIDING LIGHT. Since then she has starred in films such as The Double, become a mother of two, and moved to Michigan.

Forester currently plays Maggie Zajac in BOSS, which kicks off its second season tonight at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Starz. We Love Soaps recently caught up with Forester to talk about the new season and how Maggie's role will evolve.

"In Season One, she appears to be the smiling, dutiful, supportive politician's wife," Forester says, catching us up on the action.  "She is the wife of the young gubernatorial candidate [Ben Zajac, played by Jeff Hephner].   And you'd never know until you get near Season One that she is actually a powerhouse of her own.  She's a very strong woman that by the end of Season One you discover is really calling shots and keeping him in line to win the primary."

"In Season Two you'll see a lot more of Maggie," she teases.  "You'll see her taking the reins and you'll see a little bit more of Maggie and Ben's relationship.  What I like about it, and what I think is really fascinating to watch, is that it's kind of like watching Tom and Meredith Kane (Kelsey Grammer and Connie Nielsen) years ago when he was first running for office.  By watching Maggie and Ben, it gives you some indication of how they got to be where they are, how a political couple comes to be a 'political couple' more than a husband and wife."

"I see Maggie as a fusion between Hillary Clinton and Martha Stewart," Forester reveals.  "Maggie is very adept at smiling and appearing the serene, peaceful loving wife, while underneath it all she's actually a business woman who's very driven and serious and can really be a ball-buster when she needs to be."

Be sure to watch the Season Two premiere of BOSS, "Louder Than Words," on Friday, August 17 at 9 p.m. on Starz.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Look for more with Forester on BOSS and her roles since GUIDING LIGHT, including motherhood, next week on We Love Soaps.

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