Friday, August 24, 2012

WHERE ARE THEY NOW: Marcy Walker Smith

Marcy Walker was nominated for six Daytime Emmy Awards for her work in ALL MY CHILDREN and SANTA BARBARA, winning in 1989 for her portrayal of Eden Capwell's brutal rape. She left the world of Daytime behind in 2005 for a new life away from the entertainment business. She's currently serving as the LifeKIDS Pastor for Life Church in Edmond, Oklahoma. Now going by the name Marcy Smith, watch a video below about the latest chapter of her life:


  1. Although I will always miss Marcy's immense talent as an actress, she looks very happy with her new life, so I’m happy for her.

  2. Love this,Marcy is a great testament for what god can do and how if you give your life to him,he can make it new. So happy for her:)

  3. I was a huge Cruz & Eden fan, but wonderful to hear of the life you have now chosrn for the Lord and the children! Way to go, girl!!!! :-)