Tuesday, August 14, 2012

THE GLEE PROJECT: And The Winner Is...

In THE GLEE PROJECT season two finale on Tuesday night, the final three contenders – Ali Stroker, Aylin Bayramoglu and Blake Jenner – vied for a seven episode arc on GLEE. Joining the finalists was GLEE series regular Chris Colfer (Kurt Hummel) who mentored the contenders through “Glee-ality” week. The competitors brought everything they had to the stage for their final performances, including their last homework assignment which was “You Can’t Stop The Beat” from "Hairspray." Last year's winner, Damian McGinty, returned to star in the music video along with all the eliminated contestants.

After the last chance performances, Ryan Murphy announced the winner of THE GLEE PROJECT. The person who won a seven-episode role in GLEE is...

Blake Jenner
Age: 19
Hometown: Miami, FL

Blake recently moved to Los Angeles from Florida. He drums and juggles, but his passion is acting. Blake has studied acting and improvisation since he was a child. Upon arriving in LA, he worked a few odd jobs in his pursuit of becoming a professional actor. He loves to sing, but has never had a lesson. When he is not performing, Blake works as a parrot salesman. He has received some rejection during his time in Los Angeles, but continues to forge ahead because of the love he has for his craft. Blake was discovered through industry channels to audition for THE GLEE PROJECT.

What do you think of the choice? Are you excited to see Blake on GLEE?

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