Friday, August 3, 2012

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Sebastian Roché Is Back, Ingo Rademacher Too!

Fans that tuned in to GENERAL HOSPITAL on Friday saw that Sebastian Roché is back for a few weeks as Jerry Jacks.

"I really love the new exec producer Frank Valentini," Roche said in a new interview with on Friday. "He's very enthusiastic and has great input. I felt very comfortable coming back."

"Basically it was an elaborate concealment," he said of Jerry's involvement in kidnapping Robin.

"Ewen [Nathin Butler] found an anonymous corpse and switched it with Robin's body, did a little DNA tampering, and that's how he managed to make everyone believe Robin died. Jerry was only peripherally on the scene but he was manipulating Ewen, operating the puppet strings."

His on-screen brother, Ingo Rademacher, is also returning to the show as Jax. Jax was last seen in January and will be back on-screen later in August. Rademacher is excited about the return.

"I am reading some Amazing scripts coming up," he tweeted on Friday afternoon. "Nice to get excited about material."

Are you happy with these GENERAL HOSPITAL returns? Weigh in below in our Comments section.


  1. Yes! But can Jerry please kill Sonny and Jason? Please, please please???

  2. I am ecstatic about all the GH returns and the addition of OLTL favorites. General Hospital is THE SHOW to watch in daytime the BEST of all the soaps left on tv and is MUST SEE TV EVERY DAY! Much thanks to the cast and crew of General Hospital as well as the wonderful addition of Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivatti for all the hard work in making General Hospital the best hour on tv. GH just a few short months ago was a bore to watch but i LOVE the returns of former cast members and the interwoven storylines. My ONLY gripe is this,being a former OLTL watcher i was happy that they brought my FAVORITE dysfuncional family the mannings to Port Charles. That said i was VERY disappointed that Kassie Depaiva(blair) who is and always be a manning was only brought back two times and comes and goes.Story lines involving starr and todd and john dont make sense to me with out blair being there. GH needs a character like Blair to even out the mannings and john mcbain and i really hope they put her on contract real soon she is sorely missed.