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DALLAS Exec Producer Cynthia Cidre Talks Season 1, Deleted Scenes & Previews Season 2

In a revealing new interview with TV Guide Magazine, DALLAS executive producer Cynthia Cidre shares her thoughts on Season 1, including regrets about cutting certain scenes, and previews some changes ahead for Season 1.

Some scenes were deleted for time in Season 1 which might have made DALLAS even better if they had been included.

TV Guide Magazine: Having wrapped a successful first season, what do you feel worked and didn't work in Dallas' first 10 hours?
Cynthia Cidre: I think we had a few too many hairpin turns, which are fun, but with the next 15 episodes I'd rather let some more emotional moments breathe. I was watching the deleted scenes in the DVD box we're going to put out and there were some lovely scenes that I can't believe we cut out [for time purposes].

TV Guide Magazine: I know you had to lose a sweet scene with J.R. and Sue Ellen dancing at the Ewing barbecue, and another with Sue Ellen and Cliff walking through downtown Dallas. What were some of your favorite moments that didn't make it on screen?
Cidre: They were all emotional scenes; scenes where people were talking about feelings and were beautifully done. When your shows come in 10 minutes over, these are the scenes that go because you have to stick to the plot for the shows to make sense. So next season we will be writing scripts that are 10 pages shorter so we won't have to cut out the fun flavor and humor.

Cidre also talks about the twist with Rebecca being Cliff's daughter.

TV Guide Magazine: Let's talk about the big 'it'. Rebecca is Cliff Barnes' daughter. Can you confirm that this daughter is the same child Cliff's wife Afton [Audrey Landers] gave birth to back in the '80s?
Cidre: Yes — that's the same Pamela Rebecca Barnes. I knew all along she was going to be Cliff's daughter, and I didn't think that many fans would pick up on the name. So I used her middle name to keep people guessing.

TV Guide Magazine: Is Afton still alive?
Cidre: I don't know yet.

TV Guide Magazine: Now that we know she's a Barnes, will Rebecca be a villain in Season 2?
Cidre: You know I don't like anyone being all villain. Her heart has been broken [by Christopher] and there's going to be a little payback. But we get to reinvent her. We are working on her past since she is really nothing like she seemed. I'm changing her whole wardrobe. Instead of pink tones she'll be in Prada. She'll have different hair. I think Julie [Gonzalo], our actress, is going to have a blast because she'll get to play a whole different version.

DALLAS shot a scene with Ann calling her long, lost daughter for the finale but cut it.

TV Guide Magazine: There was a scene shot for the finale with Ann's ex-husband, Harris Ryland, phoning their daughter, who was kidnapped as a baby, to tell her it was time she met her mother. But you cut that scene out. Why?
Cidre: First of all, it didn't have a strong enough build-up for what a [powerful] reveal it was, so it felt kind of lame. But way more importantly, I want to reveal that in Season 2. Why give it up at the end of Season 1? So we'll be going there big time when we return.

TV Guide Magazine: So this girl will be a major character next year and could possibly be a love interest for the boys?
Cidre: Yes. Her name is Emma. And we're hoping she's a blonde because for some reason, a lot of people have been confused by [brunettes] Elena and Rebecca.

TV Guide Magazine: Any other big new cast additions?
Cidre: Yes. Elena's brother, who is called Drew, is coming.

What do you think about Cidre's statements? Excited about Season 2 of DALLAS? Watch a preview below:

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  1. Now that's how GOOD soap is written & produced! Not all this foolishness going on in daytime today! For pete's sake, that's how primetime soaps were created was because of daytime soaps emotional, family drama....go figure if daytime will ever wake up again?

  2. I was thinking about that too. But even with all the backstabbing you can still feel there's love between J.R. and Bobby. And there's a sense of family pride and/or loyalty with these people. I just couldn't see Bobby sleeping with Elena or Ann having an affair with Christopher. That's the kind of stuff that would happen in Daytime these days that is a big turn off.

  3. When is the DVD box set coming out?

  4. She underestimates the fans' knowledge of history. I saw the Rebecca twist as soon as she walked in-- that was Cliff's mother's name.

  5. I glad she's regretting those deleted scenes. If you're lucky enough to have Larry Hagman and Linda Gray on your show, you DO NOT cut their scenes together. I would have thought that would be a given.