Monday, July 16, 2012

50 Greatest Soap Couples: #38 Ridge & Brooke From THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL

COUPLE: Ridge Forrester & Brooke Logan Forrester
RANK: 38
Ridge: Ronn Moss
Brooke: Katherine Kelly Lang
YEARS: 1987-present

The Ridge and Brooke love story has been central to THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL for its entire 25 year run.  Ridge was preparing to marry Caroline Spencer (Joanna Johnson) when the show premiered in 1987 but a last minute fling derailed the couple.

Ridge eventually did marry Caroline who died shortly after.  From that point, Brooke and Ridge have been on-again, off-again as many times as any other couple of daytime history with Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo) always close by ready to comfort Ridge during his next inevitable break-up.  The interference of Ridge's mother, Stephanie (Susan Flannery), has also helped break the couple up numerous times over the years.  Through all the cheating, inter-family romances and business drama, Ridge and Brooke have always managed to get back together and these days appear stronger than ever.  

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL became the top-rated serial in the world several years ago (including the Monte Carlo TV Festival's Golden Nymph winner the past seven years) and Brooke and Ridge's never-ending romantic and family angst has helped it stay there.  The recent flashbacks the show use helped remind viewers of the early chemistry between Moss and Lang that is still there to this day.

Ridge and Brooke meet in 1987 (starts at 11:40)
Brooke and Ridge reunite in Barbados
- Brooke and Thorne work to keep Ridge and Taylor apart
- Brooke's episode horseback ride to stop Ridge and Taylor's wedding

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  1. Hey there, you have made a serious mistake. Ridge and Caroline did not get married in 1987, because Ridge slept with a model Alex, and Caroline's father Bill Spencer showed proof of that to Caroline on her wedding day to Ridge. It was NOT Brooke. You can find proof of that everywhere!

    Caroline decided not to marry Ridge, then got raped, married with his brother Thorne and shortly after Ridge- Brooke fell in love.

  2. I like them more these days than I used to. Brooke is becoming the new Stephanie.

  3. Without a doubt a supercouple of the 90s. Sadly everything that came after this failed to entertain me. I found myself loving Brooke with Thorne, Deacon and later Nick rather than her ongoing star-crossed romance with Ridge. It got old at one point.
    But they deserve to be on that list. In the 90s Brooke and Ridge were it on B&B. I adored them and that beach wedding was one of the most beautiful things in Daytime history.

  4. Oh please, Brooke is nothing like Stephanie. Stephanie is a crazy bully and a criminal. Brooke at her worst moment, is 10 times better.

    Brooke and Ridge are the show's superouple. Always.

  5. Thank you for correcting the mistake...)