Tuesday, July 10, 2012

RATINGS: GOOD AFTERNOON AMERICA Debuts to 1.9 Million Viewers

The premiere of ABC News’ GOOD AFTERNOON AMERICA drew 1.923 million Total Viewers and 359,000 Women 18-49 on July 9, 2012, according to Fast National Preliminary Nielsen data. The debut of the ABC program improved on the season-to-date averages of THE REVOLUTION by +40% in Total Viewers and by +21% in Women 18-49 (1.370 million and 297,000, respectively).

ONE LIFE TO LIVE was watched by 3.12 million in its final week (January 9-13, 2012) with 784,000 Women 18-49.

The one hour extension of GOOD AFTERNOON AMERICA will air for nine weeks. GENERAL HOSPITAL will move to the 2 p.m. ET/1 p.m. PT time slot starting September 10.

Source: The Nielsen Company, NTI Total Viewers and Women 18-49 Live + SD for 7/9/12, based on Nielsen Fast Nationals. Live + SD – Season to Date average (1/16 – 6/29/12).


  1. It doesn't bode well for GH. I watched and it was rather boring.

  2. I think GAA will continue by summer 2013, and Katie will get the ax after one season.

  3. I DVRed the premier episode. Found it rather tedious.

  4. I thought it was good. Both have good chemistry in the mornings and it transferred to the afternoon. As much as people want to "wish" Katie is going to be a bust, you wrong to assume. First ABC has a HUGH investment in Katie, I will watch Katie because I do like her but as typical the bashing begins from people.

  5. Ratings don't always equate to quality (good or bad) but I think if GAA is entertaining and Katie is entertaining they have a chance to find an audience. The Talk was unbearable at first but has actually become quite enjoyable some days. Yesterday was co-hosted by Michael Weather and featured the DESIGN STAR final four and LINDA GRAY. I thought the whole hour was good and Sharon Osbourne wasn't even on. With that said, if ABC had kept OLTL on at 2pm I would have never even sampled The Talk these past few months. Now B&B goes off and my TV is on and I leave it on a lot of days.

    I like Katie. I'm a little worried based on an interview she did here with local TV. Her description of the show sounded a bit boring, but she definitely feels more comfortable doing this type of show versus reading hard news without much personality being able to make it in.

    What happens with GH is probably already decided by those in charge with contingencies based on how all the ratings shake out. I think GH is going to have to make a bigger jump than it has to stay alive. But the other factor is whether ABC has a show (maybe GAA or something else) they think will do even better than GH and make more money.