Thursday, July 19, 2012

WATCH: MISS BEHAVE Finale Continues ("Goodbye, For Now - Part 2")

The second part of Indie Soap Award-winning MISS BEHAVE's finale is now online. While Dylan is tormented by the loss of one best friend and information he needs to share with the other, Tori and Noah investigate a mysterious discovery at the new estate.

The episode stars Jillian Clare, Brett DelBuono, Michael Bolten, Trevor Nelson and Jenna Stone. Scott McKinsey directs.

“Bringing Scott on to direct was by far the best decision I could have made," says creator and executive producer Susan Bernhardt. "He's excited about indie soaps and will also be joining us on our new series, REIGN (@ReignTV on Twitter), which goes into pre-production later this summer.”

Watch the episode below:

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