Jeanne Cooper: 'The Emmys Made Us Look Desperate, Even Porn Conventions Don't Look Desperate'

Smashing Interviews' Melissa Parker has published a wonderful new interview with daytime legend Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS) whose memoir, "Not So Restless," will be released on July. Cooper talks about her troubled marriage, sexual abuse, her affair with Beau Kazer and much more. She also shared her feelings about this year's Daytime Emmy Awards:

Please just give us a luncheon and announce who won after the luncheon. You don’t have to televise it. We were so desperate the last three years that it’s pathetic. First of all, we’re part of a commercial for the Hilton hotels, and by the way, we’re giving away Emmys in between commercials.

The Emmys made us look desperate. Even porn conventions don’t look desperate. Porn conventions have such a happy thing going about them. Everybody’s happy, and at least something is going on. There were a couple of people that looked so tarnished doing it. I thought, “Why would you do it when you promised me you wouldn’t? You said you wouldn’t.”

I just couldn’t support it. But, God bless the people who picked it up. What made it even worse that when it was over, they started playing it all over again, and when that was over, they played it again. It went on three times in succession which means if you hadn’t gone out and shot yourself in the head after the first one, you will have done so by the third showing (laughs). If you have not met your demise by that time, nothing is ever going to disturb you. I couldn’t believe it when it ended and started all over again. I said, “What? Did they forget they already filmed this?” If you thought it was bad the first time, look at it the second time. By the third time, you’ll really see where it went wrong (laughs).

Cooper is also asked about Jess Walton (Jill), who reportedly took six months off from the show earlier this year.

She left that so open, but in the meantime, they haven’t said, “You’re coming back.” I miss her like mad. Of course, I miss that whole relationship with Jill and Katherine. Nobody can have fights like the two of them.

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- Jess Walton is taking a 6-month leave of absence from THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS
- CLASSIC CLIP: Outstanding Writing at the 1981 Daytime Emmys (five minutes of clips shown during the presentation)


  1. I Do So Love My Jeanne Cooper--Yay!

    Brian :-)

  2. I Do So Love My Jeanne Cooper--Yay!

    Brian :-)