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NICE GUNS:  The Snead boys wave 'em around.
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Snead another reason to love THURSTON? I'll give you three - Harlan, Amon, and Owen Snead, the badass brothers set to double the trouble (and almost double the population) in the 19th century Kansas Ozarks frontier town. Showrunner Kathyrn O'Sullivan offers the lowdown on this virile trio:

- Harlan Snead (Evan Casey) is a lawman-turned-gunman. The oldest son of Thurston’s former madam, Agnes Snead, he's cunning, controlling and cruel. Based out of DC, Evan has been acting professionally in theatre, film, and television for over a decade. He is a two-time Helen Hayes Award Nominee for his work on DC’s stages. He has appeared on film in multiple independent features and was seen on TruTV’s MISSING PERSONS UNIT as well as in commercials for Tire Van and IKEA. Evan also regularly performs, tours, and records cast albums with the political satire group The Capitol Steps.
- Amon Snead (Felipe Cabezas) is the middle Snead brother. He suffers from a “derangement of the mind” after a mineshaft accident. He leaves bodies in his wake. Felipe is a DC-based actor and is pumped to join the THURSTON cast. He has performed on stage regionally and in DC with Round House Theatre, Shakespeare Theatre Company, Studio Theatre, Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company and others. He has also acted in an array of film projects. He studied at the University of Virginia.
- Owen Snead (Garrett Brennan) is the youngest Snead, babied by his mother and bullied by his brother Harlan. Years of resentment simmer just below the surface.  Garrett is a Washington, DC area actor who has performed on stage at the Shakespeare Theatre Company, Adventure Theatre, The Source Theatre Festival and The Kennedy Center. He has also acted in a number of film projects and is thrilled to be joining the cast of Thurston.

With tight storylines, rich period detail, and tons of chemistry, THURSTON is already one of the most gripping and addictive Indies out there. What will happen when we add these three hooligans to the mix?  And what will happen when the Agnes Snead casting rumors we've heard - those boys Snead a mom! -turn out to be true?  I can't wait for August, when three new episodes will launch - Mondays at 9 p.m. Eastern. Yee-haw!

My pick this week is an obvious choice, but that doesn't mean it was easy. So much great new content this summer!

Unfortunately for the "competition" there is absolutely no way my choice for the number-one, can't miss episode of the week could possibly be anything other than the highly (and long!) anticipated final episode of the three-part season finale - of the very last season ever! - of MISS BEHAVE.

Having enjoyed the privilege of an advanced screening, I can vouch for the bittersweet awesomeness of this landmark epi. Plus, between you and me, showrunner Susan Bernhardt might even hint at something of a spin-off during this dénouement - shh.  You don't want to MISS it!

The final episode of MISS BEHAVE will be up this Thursday, July 26. On behalf of all of us here at We Love Soaps, a hearty congratulations to Jillian Clare, Brett DelBuono, Michael Bolten, Eric Martsolf, Terri Garber, Kanya Hoehn, Frances Gilbert, Patrika Darbo, Gary Hartshorn, Shawn Hartshorn, Scott McKinsey, Vincent Steib and of course the "Mother of MISS BEHAVE," Susan Bernhardt - and the rest of the cast and crew - on completing this milestone. Well done! I can't wait to see what you all come up with next.
HOT BAYBES:  THE BAY's store turns up the heat.

- THE BAY is revving up for another season and fans will be thrilled (and titillated!) with what showrunner Gregori J. Martin has to offer:
With fresh and exciting new merchandise in THE BAY Cafepress Store, pre-sales of THE BAY Season 2 DVDs, a discounted THE BAY Fanclub membership opportunity, the launch of THE BAY Season 3 Indie Go-Go campaign, exclusive one-of-a-kind THE BAY items up for auction on eBay, and the chance for fans to showcase their talents during this new season, it's an exciting day for THE BAY!
I'm partial to the "Boys of THE BAY" calendar (see photo) myself. Woof!

- THE INN showrunner Steve Silverman has some hot casting news.  His spanking new series, coming exclusively to GeekNation, will feature the talents of  Emma Caulfield from BANDWAGON, ONCE UPON A TIME, and BUFFY, Mark Gantt from THE BANNEN WAY and DEXTER, Denise Alexander from GENERAL HOSPITAL, ANOTHER WORLD and DAYS OF OUR LIVES, Ray Prosica from UP ALL NIGHT, MAD MEN, and CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, and Kyle David Pierce from THE DARK KNIGHT RISES and BOYSTOWN!
- Another way-cute, new Indie from Canada! What's it about?
A year in the life of gamers - this follows Dani as she attempts to lead a not-so-functional group of tabletop gamers in a year. In her group is Jason, the LARPing fighter (and token male), the less-than-legitimate player Erin, Anna a who plays fire mage with a temper to match, and Stacey - the one who just doesn't quite get it. Any of it. Ever.
PRETTY IN GEEK stars Todd Caryl, Meaghan Fritchley, Jennifer Krukowski and Stefne Mercedes - and showrunner Elize Morgan as "Erin."
- Shout out to Katrina Nelson, creator of what may be the most ambitious new Indies of the summer, "a new original show following the trials and tribulations of four friends who return to South Central Los Angeles to open a clinic for the underprivileged community they grew up in." THE CLINIC is, if you can imagine this, like GREY'S ANATOMY meets THE WIRE, and stars Adam Leandre Starks, Milauna Jemai, Andre Boyer and Justin Tully. See the trailer here.   I'll be following this one closely.
HUSBANDS made my head explode once again with the revelation that geek icon and entertainment industry superstar Joss Whedon will actually make an on-screen appearance as a guest star in the adorable, hilarious series.  Coming on the heels of confirmation that the CW will be airing Whedon's own web series, DR. HORRIBLE'S SING ALONG BLOG, it's clear that Joss is gung ho about the Indie world.  This is the man who gave us BUFFY and The Avengers, and he wants to hang out with us Indie kids.  Awesome.  Way to go, HUSBANDS!
- With the second season of BREAKING POINT now rolling out on YouTube showrunner Caryn K. Hayes reminds us that all of the episodes from season two are available on, and recap of season one is as well for those who need a refresher. Also, a directors cut of season one!
HOT MESS:  DEVANITY has one for each day of the week.
- Somebody please explain to me how the cast of DEVANITY manages to get hotter every season? Drafting Charlene Tilton certainly helps!
- Announced on THE CAVANAUGHS Facebook page and confirmed through series creator Adrian Morales, original cast member Deborah Estelle Philips (Charley) has announced her departure from the series following the completion of Season 4. So does that mean Charley is going to jail? “Not exactly”, previews Adrian. “Charley has a pivotal role in Season 4 and lots of story to complete before her character leaves the canvas. We love Deborah and working with her since the series original pilot in 2008 has been a joy and an honor. She will always be a Cavanaugh!” For more see this new behind-the-scenes interview with Deborah.
- Finally, congrats to Drew B. E. Hutchinson on the launch of his new series, BEHIND THE 8 BALL, starring Garrett Black, Kerri Gee, Eric Buelow, Tom Han Gao and Meighan Visser!

Hey party people! Here's an invitation for you all from THE OUTS showrunner Adam Goldman:
Come join us for the debut screening of our fourth episode, "Fun Party"! Also the screening will be a fun party - everybody wins! Berry Park is the same gorgeous space where we've screened before. Weather permitting we'll move up to their roof after the screening. WHEN: Monday, July 30 at 8 p.m. WHERE: Berry Park (4 Berry Street in Williamsburg).
Awesome invitation, Adam. I'll be there.

Adam himself accepted an even awesome-er invite about a week ago, an invitation to premier the trailer for episode 4 at - very cool. Today, you can view it here.  What to expect from this, the first episode to launch since THE OUTS became a bona fide Indie phenomenon?  Adam offers this exclusive tease:
I'd say "Fun Party" addresses some story ideas that have been present from the first episode. The first four episodes comprise a nice little arc unto themselves. The show isn't over yet, but I think these four chapters of the story fit together nicely. Oona and Jack haven't crossed paths on the show yet, and this is the first time that happens (as you can see from our trailer). They've got some stuff to work through, just like Mitchell and Jack do.
The first season of THE OUTS will entail six regular episodes, topped off with some sort of holiday extravaganza. Episode 4 premieres online July 31. THE OUTS is, in my opinion, the funniest new series of the summer - so if you haven't had the pleasure, watch it here.

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