Sunday, July 1, 2012

PREVIEW: This Week's HOLLYWOOD HEIGHTS (Day-by-Day Spoilers)

HOLLYWOOD HEIGHTS kicks off its third full week on Nick at Nite on Monday, July 2, at 9 p.m. ET. Derived from the popular Mexican telenovela, ALCANZAR UNA ESTRELLA, HOLLYWOOD HEIGHTS follows 18-year-old Loren Tate (Brittany Underwood, ONE LIFE TO LIVE) on her path from shy high school senior to superstar on the rise as she wins the love of her rock idol (Cody Longo, Fame).

Check out the day by day spoilers for this week below:

Chloe convinces Eddie that the incriminating photo is a fake.  Adriana and Phil plant evidence in Loren’s locker.

Eddie plans a new surprise for Chloe.  Loren is suspended from school unless she can prove her own innocence right away.

Chloe tells Eddie that Tyler’s been stalking her to explain the photo.  Loren is proven innocent at school but doesn’t make the contest’s top five.

After Loren’s eliminated from the contest, Nora’s boss Don helps her get the song to Max in an attempt at a second chance.  Chloe finally gets what she wants.

Nora gets Max to listen to Loren’s song.  Max shares it with Eddie and Loren just may make it back into the contest!

James Franco debuted on the Friday, June 29 episode.

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  1. My daughter and grand daughter along with myself love this show

  2. I Love this show! I so wanna know what the Family secret is for Melissa or why her mother treats her that way. I mean I have an overprotective mom to you know.

  3. this is like my favorite show btw i really just love Eddie Duran aka cody longo