Monday, July 16, 2012

50 Greatest Soap Couples: #36 Greg & Jenny From ALL MY CHILDREN

COUPLE: Greg Nelson & Jenny Gardner
RANK: 36
Greg: Laurence Lau
Jenny: Kim Delaney
YEARS: 1981-1984

Greg and Jenny met in 1981 when Jenny came to Pine Valley with her mother, Opal (Dorothy Lyman).   They faced numerous obstacles on the slow road to love including class conflict instigated by Greg's snobby mother, Enid (Natalie Ross), interference caused by Greg's ex-girlfriend, Liza (Marcy Walker), revelations about Jenny's father, Ray (Gil Rogers), and Greg's paralysis.  In 1984 they were finally married but Jenny was killed in a jet ski explosion soon after.

Greg and Jenny were a huge hit with ALL MY CHILDREN fans including young viewers who would rush home at lunchtime to watch the star-crossed lovers.   The couple covered numerous soap magazines as well as national publications like TV Guide.  Probably the biggest testament to the couple's memory and impact is the fact that Lau & Delaney continue to be asked about these roles to this day including a reunion on THE VIEW in 2011.

Delaney was named Most Exciting New Actress by the 1983 Soapy Awards.  She has gone on to great success

Jenny considers breaking off her engagement to Greg
Paralyzed Greg longs for Jenny
- Greg's jet ski explodes while Jenny is riding on it
- Laurence Lau and Kim Delaney reunite on THE VIEW in 2011

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  1. At the top of your website, you have Greg and Jenny listed from being ATWT, not AMC! And the links to the Barnabas and Josette DS and Nick and Althea TD links are not working correctly!

  2. I was so upset when Jenny died.

  3. They should've been in the top 5. Putting them behind such forgettable couples as ATWT's Steve & Betsy and SFT's Travis & Liza makes this list suck!!!

  4. Loved them! They should have been way higher!