Tuesday, July 31, 2012

50 Greatest Soap Couples: #21 Bo & Nora From ONE LIFE TO LIVE

COUPLE: Bo Buchanan & Nora Hanen
RANK: 21
Bo: Robert S. Woods
Nora: Hillary B. Smith
YEARS: 1992-2012

After Bo's wife, Sarah, was killed in a hit and run accident , Bo worked closely with Nora to try to find the driver.  They slowly started falling in love but Nora revealed that she thought she might have been the driver.  Bo eventually proved she didn't do it and proposed to Nora.  Nora was diagnosed with a brain tumor but was able to recover and the two of them were married.

Over the years Bo and Nora faced many obstacles stemming from their jobs (Nora defending the fraternity brothers charged with raping Marty, Bo's son Drew being killed in the line of duty), their love lives (Sam, Lindsay), their health (brain tumor, stroke, getting shot) and meddling outside forces (Colin, Clint), but when the series finally ended in 2012, they realized that their love endured and were ready to spend the rest of their lives together.

Bo and Nora became an instant hit with fans because they were two intelligent characters who had a sense of humor to go along with the sexiness.  Nora's introduction was incredibly well written (her Jewish heritage, the Gannon backstory) and you could easily understand why these two characters would fall in love.  And they were very relatable to the audience.

Smith won a Daytime Emmy Award in 1994 as Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series and was nominated again in 2000.  Woods, who had won an Emmy in 1983 and been nominated again in 1986, also received nominations in 1993, 1994, 1999, 2000 and 2012.

Bo and Nora fall in love (1993)
Bo and Nora's rock 'n' roll wedding (1995)
Bo and Nora New Year's Eve 1997
Bo and Nora become grandparents (2012)

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  1. Loved them. Happy to see them on the list.

  2. My absolutely favorite of all time! They defiantly deserve to be on the list! So much love, food, dancing, and fun!

  3. I adore Nora & Bo - loved them on OLTL - glad they made the list!

  4. Very happy to see them here and placing this high. They really were amazing. They showed soap couples can be interesting both when facing drama/obstacles and when being happy. They were also important in that they demonstrated that even though they stil had extravagant moments (married by Little Richard), you don't need expensive romantic getaways that most of the audience would never experience themselves but that extreme happiness could be found just as easily dancing and having junk food together.

  5. Cheers To Bo & Nora--Yay!

    Brian :-)

  6. I love Bo and Nora and I loved every moment of them getting back together. It was so long over due.

  7. I love Bo and Nora they were awesome apart but together they were magical I'm a big soap fan but I have never come close to liking any other couple as much as I love these two !! I just think they should have been in the top five at least!!

  8. They will always be number #1 to me but I am glad they made they list. No other couple has ever come close to sharing the magic and chemistry these two have. I miss them so much. A true super couple.

  9. I knew they would make it on the top 50 how could they not. They should be number 1 and will be number 1 in my heart forever. The best couple ever <3

  10. Love Bo and Nora! Easily my second favorite OLTL couple! (Behind Todd and Blair) They are easily in my top 20 soap couples of all time!