Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Why Is Cady McClain "Whispering"?

You know the name, you know the face, you still shudder when anyone eats peanut butter and banana pancakes around you.  But what you don't know about Emmy Award winner Cady McClain is her love and fierce devotion to comic books.  McClain has fused her passion for illustrated stories with her love for continuing drama into her latest Kickstarter project WHISPERING HEARTS, now rallying for funding online.  In McClain's own words:

Soap Operas and comic books have much in common: a fantastical visual world with characters you dream of being, outrageous situations that rarely occur in one's own life, and perhaps most importantly, passion. The characters in both soap operas and comic books are always passionate about what they believe in and committed to getting what they want. So are we!

When the daytime soaps started getting cancelled, it was like the death of a beloved grandmother. Why were the networks killing a tradition so many held dear? After much agonizing over the foolishness of their decision, Mansion Comics decided to do something about it.

Our goal is to start a soap revolution, starting from the ground up. We think a romance comic book might just be the way to begin. Women who love comics could find a romance comic to be a fun twist on the usual, and men who watch soaps might find reading a comic a great way to return to one of their favorite escapes.

So please help support the future of continuing drama by giving to McClain's inspired KickStarter campaign for WHISPERING HEARTS.  Even a one dollar donation will help McClain reach her goal, and will demonstrate to advertisers that there is interest in this artistic medium. Click here to learn more about this exciting project.

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