Monday, June 4, 2012

PREVIEW: VH1's SINGLE LADIES ("I Didn't Mean To Turn You On"); William Levy Debuts

The second episode of Season 2 of SINGLE LADIES airs Monday, June 4 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on VH1. William Levy debuts.

In "I Didn't Mean To Turn You On," Keisha is still in hot water with the IRS and prevails on her past love, Sean, to get her out of it, much to Malcolm's consternation. Keisha's frustration with Malcolm builds to a boiling point when she discovers he's still involved with his ex-wife. April takes the girls roller-skating and falls head over wheels for a guy wit ha fixation on a certain body part. Raquel starts to take professional as well as personal chances when she attempts to buy the boutique and reunites with her forbidden first love. Omar and Derek adopt, but are at odds over their different parenting styles.

Watch a preview below:

The cast includes LisaRaye McCoy, Charity Shea, Denise Vasi, DB Woodside, Travis Winfrey and Terrell Tilford. Season 2 guest appearances include Anthony Williams, Big Boi, Cassandra Freeman, Chilli, Eve, Flex Alexander, Harold "House" Moore, La La Anthony, Lauren London, Michelle Van Der Water, Omar Gooding, Paula Patton, Pilar Sanders, Rick Fox, Ricky Whittle (HOLLYOAKS), Romeo, Tank, T.I., Tony Rock, Victoria Rowell, William Levy and others. Executive producer Queen Latifah will also appear in the series.

SINGLE LADIES is a romantic comedy series about Keisha, Raquel and April - best friends with different philosophies on love, sex and relationships, proving not all women have the same desires. Set in the world of Atlanta fashion, music and celebrity, SINGLE LADIES asks the question: What do women really want?

Photo credit: Blake Tyers for VH1

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1 comment:

  1. This show definitely needs Stacy Dash back! None of the other ladies other than April are even close to as entertaining/interesting. I really do like April's genuine rebellious attitude though - seems totally real like it's not a front.

    Also loved that they used Foxy Brown's "Candy" in this episode when April goes to dinner. That song's swagger totally matches April's personality