Thursday, June 7, 2012

mun2 Airing LA REINA DEL SUR Finale On June 14

mun2 will present the finale of the electrifying telenovela LA REINA DEL SUR in Spanish with English subtitles on June 14 at 10 p.m. LA REINA DEL SUR (Monday-Thursday, 10 p.m.) is currently the most watched Hispanic cable program at 10 p.m., beating all other Hispanic networks in the same time period. The novela set ratings records during its original airing on Telemundo in the spring of 2011 with an average of 4.2 million total viewers.

LA REINA DEL SUR tells the story of Teresa Mendoza, a humble young woman from Sinaloa, Mexico. Mendoza, who is played by renowned actress Kate del Castillo, sees her life take a drastic turn when she falls in love with the wrong man - the handsome El Güero Avila (Rafael Amaya). El Güero was a Chicano pilot from San Antonio, TX involved in drug trafficking for the powerful drug lord, Epifanio Vargas (Humberto Zurita). Based on Arturo Perez Reverte’s bestseller, the genre and audience-defining series was shot by Telemundo Studios in four continents – North and South America, Europe and Africa.

Upcoming episodes include the following:

Episode 59 Premiere 6/7/12

Con Game

Teo's game is exposed and Teresa now plans her own conspiracy while he tries to escape his own lies and scams.

Episodes 55-59 repeated 6/8/12

Episode 60 Premiere 6/11/12

Deadly Scam

Teresa gets back at Teo with a fatal end to the father of her child, and the police lose track of the key witness, giving up their last tip.

Episode 61 Premiere 6/12/12

Escape and Threats

Teresa escapes the Spanish justice system with the help of the Russian and Willy, when Epifanio decides to confront the only threat that could rob him of his political career.

Episode 62 Premiere 6/13/12

Last Flight

Teresa escapes the Spanish government while death awaits her back home, as "el Ratas" seeks a revenge which Epifanio has to handle at the last minute.

Episode 63 Premiere 6/14/12

Final Impact

Teresa keeps her promise of revenge against Epifanio Vargas, the grand traitor of her past with the cartel, while she rebuilds her life without a trace.

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