Monday, June 4, 2012

SURVEY RESULTS: ATWT Stenbeck Fans Want To See Barbara In A Bullring, And Loved Her With Hal!

On Friday, we asked AS THE WORLD TURNS fans which episode on the new "James Stenbeck Story" DVD they are most looking forward to viewing.  The results are in and our readers apparently ATWT like watching James torment Barbara!

Shot on location in Spain, James trapped Barbara in a bullring with a red skirt and a live bull.  It's up to Gunnar to save her!

See the Top 5 episode you chose below:

1. Episode 6. March 22, 1983 James traps Barbara in a
bullring in Spain

2. Episode 1. February 28, 1980 James tracks down
Barbara on a bus leaving Oakdale
3. Episode 7. October 28, 1983 James's plan to
parachute out of a plane goes awry
4. Episode 8. November 11, 1986 James turns up
very much alive after 3 years
5. Episode 4. March 10, 1982 Barbara continues
to have 18th century fantasies

From the feedback received, it seems like the No. 2 episode chosen was for one of two reasons: 1) Early James Stenbeck, or 2) One of the earliest available ATWT episodes remaining in the archives.  James and Gunnar battling by an open airplane door leading to a shocking conclusion was the story in the episode our readers voted as the third most anticipated.

We also asked fans if James Stenbeck was Barbara Ryan's true love, of it it was one of her many other husbands and suitors.   Overwhelmingly Hal Munson and Gunnar St. Clair were voted as the Top 2 with Hal winning with nearly half the votes cast.

1.  Hal Munson 46%
2.  Gunnar St. Clair
3.  James Stenbeck8%
4.  Henry Coleman7%
5.  Craig Montgomery 1%

To order "The James Stenbeck Story," visit You can also watch a free episode which features the November 1987 episode just prior to the one on this disc (Ruxton Hills!).

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