Saturday, June 23, 2012

Anthony Geary Wins Record 7th Daytime Emmy Award: We Were Almost Canceled In Favor Of A Surefire Ratings Bonanza, CELEBRITY BOOB JOBS GONE WRONG

Anthony Geary picked up a record seventh Daytime Emmy Award on Saturday night as Oustanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series. Below is his speech:

Wow. Thank you so much. Wow. I got lost, which I tend to do. John McCook, Bobby Woods, Darnell Williams, Maurice Benard, you are all dear friends of mine and I admire you all very much. And I feel a little bit guilty here, I think you were all robbed. I want to say this is amazing to start the evening. We usually end it and the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 is flashing in my face by now. So I don't really know how to handle this except to say it's a good way for GH to start. 

We have 23 nominations which is pretty amazing since last year we were almost canceled in favor of a surefire ratings bonanza, CELEBRITY BOOB JOBS GONE WRONG, I think it was.

I'd like to thank the hardworking cast, crew and production team of GH. Jill Phelps for over three decades of freindhsip and support. Bob Guza for throwing my character into the existential abyss and giving me the blackest story I could ever hope for. I would like to thank all my directors who alway sseem to come down on my side when the chips are down. And a special shoutout to Craig McManus and Crystal Kraft for great humor under fire.

And finally to the finest acting team and acting fmaily a guy could have: Jonathan Jackson, Julie Berman, Nathan Parsons and the incomprable Jane Elliot.

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